Redeeming Windows Store Code

Hi Guys,
I have bought AGE1 DE on Amazon and could redeem the Store code without issues.

Today I tried to do the same with AGE2 DE but got an error when entering the code.

Is this a known issue aka will it be possible to do so later today or what is going on? :smiley:

EDIT: Maybe it’s because I am on GMT+1 Timezone and need to wait a few mins to reach 14.11.19 00:00 am CET?

EDIT: Alright, time past and nothing changed. I hope that it will work when the game officially launches. It would make sense to redeem the code after the game is available. hope all is fine by ~ 17:00 CET lol



Did you remove the AOE II DE beta?
I have pre-ordered successfully with a Xbox MS store gift card a few days ago.

And it’s updating at the moment. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart_eyes::smiley:

I applied for AGE 2 Beta but only got accepted for AGE 1 at a later time. ■■■■ you are lucky :smiley:

I still have to wait until 5 pm though. But I’m very lucky indeed. Born on Sunday. :wink:

lol. hey just for clarification. You bought a wallet code for the store and paid instore right?0

I on the other hand have bought the game code somewhere else… Has anyone bought the game code and was able to redeem that code in the store so far?

Haven’t heard of game codes for AOE2 DE yet so no.

Why not just buy it from Steam directly and support the devs? It’s quite hussle sounds like to save few bucks with code.

You are correct. I’m saving my one eurocent at MS store. Cheaper than a bank.

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I’ve just checked. My Store balance. It’s now € 3,63
Looks like Bill invested my one eurocent from the age1de purchase pretty good.
Dude knows how to handle money :smiley:

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bottom line: it worked at 17CET
see ya in the game bois :smiley: :smiley: