Redemption for Mayans


I think the Mayans should have redemption, if only to let them train Xolotl Warriors. Only two civs have access to this unit at the time, and under very specific circumstances, and by the time you have a stable converted, the game is pretty much in the final stages already. I don’t think the Xolotl Warrior will ever see much use, it’s more of an easter egg, but I desperatly want the Mayans to get them too, to increase their use. Nerf the Mayans in some other way if necessary.

Thank you.

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or we can leave Mayans alone, they do fine as a civ and clearly don’t need a meme unit to do well, especially if it means Mayans need to be nerfed elsewhere as compensation. redemption would see more use against enemy siege then Meme it up with Xolotl.


I’m not saying they need the meme unit, I just think it would make the game more fun.

We could instead allow Xolotl warriors to be trained from the Wonder? Or you could play the new game mode Battle Royale?

I’m sure there are good balance reasons why Mayans are blocked from converting Mangonels and Siege Onagers.

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Or maybe from a building you would otherwise normally have in any game mode. I don’t play battle royale. And this isn’t about me, by the way, I’d assume more people would like this.

can’t think of it coming up on the forums (here, aoezone, reddit, etc) before, so it’s not really a popular request.

In that case I hope to create awareness.
I had other requests, but I did find existing threads on those topics, so I did’t make new ones.

i wouldn’t get your hopes up though, balance must be maintained and they aren’t going to put something in game just because a few people ask for it. furthermore Mayans are already a top tier civ as is.

Sure. Let’s give them the chance to convert the best counter to their plumes


Mayans have them in battle royale

I think that they lack redemption to give some weakness to their strong archers, so that they can’t convert manganels and onagers. So it’s more a balance reason than anything else.

I think Mayans needs a nerf and It isn’t buff in most situations. Instead of creating Xolotl Warriors most of players will use it to convert some mangonels in Castle Age.

Or adding a bonus makes monks can convert buildings without redemption and nerfing it (Just decrease some numbers on Mayan bonuses and Unique Techs) can be good.

So you propose to give a very powerful tech to a already a or even s tier civ just because you want them to be able to create a meme unit, despite the fact that the tech would hardly ever be used that way and instead would just make many matchups very difficult/imbalanced?

Stuff like this is the reason AoEzone exists.

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Wow someone actually read the forum rules for once.

I was not aware that any of the meso civs lack redemption so you raised awareness with me at least. I dont play the meso civs because they lack stables :smiley: