Reduce the number of villagers for Italy?(poll)

  • 99 villagers +1 factory :slightly_smiling_face:
  • 90 villagers +2 factory :sunglasses:

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I would like to have two factories for Italy, but so far it seems ok as it is, I don’t why Malta only gets1 factory, they get the same amount of workers and their eco tech is the same as far as I can tell

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They get german settler wagons so potentially 12 extra vills (6 SW)

USA can get 5 settler wagons and also 5 CDB’s, as well as a bank, church gold trickle worth another bank and still get 2 factories.


Welcome to the world of OP civs… Even the incas have 2 “factories” and the infinite shipment

Kanchas are worth like 10 vills on food, worse than 1 factory. What else do they have? I don’t mind some civs not having factories but seems a weird choice for malta to have 1, even for italy the lombards don’t make up for a second factory.


0.9 x 12 = 10.8 → 1.5 factory.

0.8 x 10 → 8 → 1. 1 factory. Coca cultivation.

2.6 factories in total.

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I don’t think that is really relevant other than in treaty, the kanchas gather food only you can’t switch between whatever resource you like without sacrificing a 1k resource worth card in fortress, never used in 1v1.

Equally nobody is building 10 plantations in anything other than treaty.

Inca can’t just hit age 4 and send 2 factories like other civs can, also worth noting the lack of eco upgrade cards.

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Italy gets all the buildings for free though. Also lombards. Not all civs have to be the same.

Inca estate gather rate is really bad since they don’t have a lot of estate er rate cards. Also each estate works like 1 vill, to max out you need to make 10 estates which take up a lot of spaces and cost a lot of wood


12 kancha is like 2.5 factories on wood. Also remember inca has priests and llamas on top of the vill pop limit, they are a form of eco too since you don’t need to send vills to dance, they can work instead of idle on the plaza. Aztecs is so I in this, but Lakota and haude have nothing comparable to factory and they still have to idle vills to dance

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If the latest pup changes are put in place inca will be dead now anyway.

Yeah right this is an old thread I just noticed it today. RIP inca

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They dont need a lot cause the infinite trade card (usefull on treaty, where you would use the eco cards) while the trickles are villagers that wont be idle. Also thwy have infinite huge wood crates while others cant get wood infinitely.

Inca eco is really good. Even compared to the best eco civs. It is even better since they don’t need a lot of farm and estate cards to max out eco. While for other civs no one will include all the eco cards. Maximum just royal mint and refrigeration. Their problem is the units are very underwhelming, being especially weak to massed artillery.


Lombards are garbage. They aren’t worth 1 factory. They aren’t worth half a factory. You need 3 cards to make them even remotely a benefit. A factory is 1 card.

I was away for a bit and came back to get smashed repeatedly by Malta and Italy by people I regularly beat. Seems as though it took awhile but players have cracked the code.

whats the code i am still losing lol