Reduced population limit

Game Version:

  • Build 4395365
  • Platform: Steam


I was playing singleplayer, when after a while of playing my population was capped at 173, instead of 200, see second screenshot below. No matter what i did, I could not get my population over 173, even when i reloaded the game. I noticed that at one point I had Samurais queued up in the barracks, so I think the problem might be that units can get queued in the wrong building when you have several buildings in the same control group, see the first screenshot.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Singleplayer
  2. Japanese
  3. Create samurais with barracks selected


Does removing the bad units from the wrong building queue fix your problem

No, I did that but my population was still capped at 173

It says 197 in the 2nd photo

Yes, the second screenshot is earlier in the game when i still had high population, but as my units died new one would not produce

Ah then i would recommend swaping arround the graphics to make sure to not confuse viewers. 11 i know i was confused

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This bug is present as of yesterday. I played a 4v4 arena game last night – see picture – Magyar Huszars queued up in the stable through MultiQueue (accidentally) caused population cap to drop below 200. At the end of the game, my population cap was actually 116 instead of 200, despite having plenty of houses. I have the replay to prove this as well, if someone wants it.

I have noticed a similar bug also (not pictured) where unique units, such as samurai, are placed in their respective buildings, such as barracks, despite that being “impossible”, when using MultiQueue. This is when in late game, say, queueing up, e.g., Berserks along with Champions and Arbalests and having all buildings on one hotkey in order to do this.