Reduction in Monk training time of 51 seconds, which is more than Trebuchet, Mangonel-line and Rams!

As in the title, there is a big issue with monks that has gone under the radar the whole time.
Monks train too slowly and this has been one of the biggest reasons why many a times Knight Rushes have not been soundly countered by supposedly the perfect counter to Knights, and players just give up and go for the Trash.

Of all units in Castle/Imperial age, only the Bombard Cannon takes more time than Monks, that too just 5 more seconds.

The only map where they contribute millitarily is Arena. As it is they are unviable in Imperial except for Aztecs niche.

These observations over the years are why I propose a reduction in Monk training time from 51 seconds to 40 seconds (if not even lower).

NOTE: I hope your argument is not just “Dhese geme ees 20 year oold DUH”.
Let us discuss keeping an open mind.

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Monks are perfect now. Maybe could use a small buff in imperial age, but they are pretty strong in castle age. And it is just not true that they are only seen in arena.


Are you sure though? They have a TT of more than Most siege units and all Castle/Imperial SHIPS, which are considered mega-units(akin to multiple units).

They’re too skill based to be changed, players with good micro can be unstoppable with them while others can’t use them for their life, so buffing them won’t have equal effect on every player


I know that, it is obvious. Saying it doesn’t do anything.
This topic is about considering if the Monks really have to be this slow to train.

Is there a need to keep them slower to Train than Trebuchets?? Was there ever any need? I wonder

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Monk rushes are pretty popular on Arena. Do we want to increase the number / strength of monk rushing on Arena?

Nope, this is about seeing monks in other maps too.
They will be used in arena regardless if their training time, because it is Arena, like no other.

They are used in other maps. They are good behind walls, and the ability to shift the game’s momentum is that strong. Also how can you say knights are overused but monks, which are one of their counter, are never used?


Lowering the training time of monks will make AI spamming monks more frequent. I don’t think it will be a good thing.

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It is all about the balance on every map, so you cant exclude Arena.

Please go watch the latest Battle of Africa games and tell me monks are underused :smiley:

Also everytime u will play arabia vs a cavalry civ u will add monks.

absolutely. they’re easily the most efficient unit in the game. lowering creation speed by 11 seconds is a massive buff and change the meta (for the worse) at higher level.