Regarding the Unique Units for Turks

The Turks during the AoE2 timeframe spanned both the Seljuk and Ottoman Empires. And while there was no gunpowder introduced until at least the 14th century, the Turks could have two unique units: the primary one from the Castle could be a unique Cavalry Archer, probably called Sipahi, whilst the Janissary would be available in the Imperial Age Archery Range, replacing the Hand Cannoneer.

As for the Castle Age unique tech itself, the name of the tech would be Akinci Raiders. The tech will let CA and hussars regenerate, maybe?


I think the Turks are fine as they are. And actually, making Janissaries available in Archery Ranges would be broken, especially with free Chemistry, due to their high stats.

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Chemistry doesn’t do anythinh with jannissaries.

Additionally, HCs are actually better against high pierce armour infantry like huskarls and eagles. Adding this as a civ bonus would buff turks against cav civs and nerf them against goths and the meso civs.

I know, but if they replaced Hand Cannoneers, they might need Chemistry to unlock.