Regarding the "Viking" civilization

I was thinking about the Viking civilization. I see it a bit problematic naming it that way, especially the way it was done in Aoe2. This because the “Viking Era” was from ca 850-1050 and the Aoe2 game stretched beoynd for 500 years more. Therefore I think that a more suitable name would be either “Kalmar union” or simply “Scandinavia”.

Hi @Sinquillia, There has been no Viking civilization announced for Age of Empires IV. Are you simply making a recommendation if this civilization is considered?

Yeah sorry. I simply just assumed that the previously voted civilizations would be the ones in game, especially the “Vikings” as it was one of the most wanted civilizations.

Nevertheless. If it would come into Aoe4, it would be nice if the “most” historic accuracy would be represented. Simply because many of us learn history from the AoE franchise.

Yes, but people are also attracted by the term “viking”, it’s like a brand. There is a fine line between accuracy and entertainment in video games. This is not a documentary or history dissertation after all. People want to play with vikings because it sounds cool first and foremost.
It’s pretty much the same when companies stick with the brand-like term “vampire” and not the actual historical Romanian name for the myth “strigoi” or Greek “vrykolakas”. You’re not going to attract wide audience if you go too specific, you have to play it a bit smart.

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They could of course make a ‘the vikings are coming!’ announcement trailer and then tell in the trailer how they are actually called

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I agree with you that there are better naming than Vikings. Kalmarunionen was not created until 1397. Therefore I think just calling them Norsemen would be more suitable.

Would be a fun Civ. Maybe an idea would be having a strong powerfull early-mid game, with a slight flal of in the late game, considering powder started rolling in. Unless they transition inton the Sweds…could also be an interesting idea.

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Ive had the exactly same thoughts!

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You can see a viking-looking town center in the making of video, so people are expecting it. It might be a more generic Germanic civ though, or even the early Rus.