Region locked instead of ping-locked Lobbies/Matchmaking?

For context, I live in Colombia, and I get 80-90ms ping to the eastus servers, 250-300ms to the brazilsouth servers,

One thing I’ve noticed is that I can only see lobbies hosted on the brazilsouth server, which is okay but it shouldn’t filter out eastus games as I actually get a way better connection to those.

I understand wanting to lock the game to certain regions to avoid bad connections, but in the specific case of south america this is counter-productive, as Latin America North actually gets way better ping to the US East coast than South American servers.

An easy way to resolve this is to make the game ping locked (cannot see lobbies over 200ms, for example), instead of region locked.

EDIT: I think this region locking is also being applied to matchmaking but I have no way to prove this besides anecdotal evidence


yeah, it sucks. they should let anyone join any region. maybe not force a lock based on ping or region but allow the maker of the lobby these options:

  1. show lobby only to players in your region.
  2. show lobby only to players with a ping to your server of less than X.
  3. and of course allow anyone from anywhere to join.

that way people can decide if they want to play with someone from the other side of the world, even if that means the game will be laggy, or not, but let people choose that.

To my knowledge there is no region or ping locking.

Currently there is a bug where not all of the servers are showing up.


The same thing is happening to me. I am living on Ecuador at the moment and for some reason I can only find games hosted on Brazil.
When I create a game to play with my friends (They are from Colombia, Panama, Chile), we select the East Server, and everything works fine, but if I want to try to find a game, it only show me games from Brazil.

If I go to options and disabled crossplay,everything dissapear, not even a single game will appear on my screen.

This is really annoying, we buy the game as soon as possible and we haven’t be able to play.

just woke up . i joined aoe and i have like 400 ping on my closest server . europe . ping 400 . last night i had 100 . what is going on ? someone help ??