Regnitz Cathedral gold/s

Hello all,

I have a problem with the Regnitz Cathedral from HRE.
This says that you get +100% per relic. But instead of 200g/s (100 g/s + 100%) you only get 159 g/s.
Do I have a mathematical mistake here, is the display not correct or is the calculation ingame wrong?

In addition, the text of the Regnitz Cathedral says (in German) that you have to place troops in the building in order to get the bonus. But I can not place troops in monasteries, right? Am I playing this landmark wrong?

relics gold income was lowered in the past updates but i dont know how much it lowered but it was too long ago

relic gold/min was dropped to 80 a while ago 160/relic/min is right, also you get the bonus while their in towers now.