Reignitz Cathedral can store more than 3 relics

By lining up prelates with relic next to the Cathedral and simultaneously placing relics inside the building, you can bypass the 3 relic limit. It also gives +300 gold for the additional relic(+1200gpm for 4 relics), not just a tooltip bug. Didnt try with 5 but I assume it works as well. Easily usable in any game mode where you can secure 4 or more relics.


Also works for Rus Abbey of the Trinity, placing the relics doesnt have to be simultaneous for Rus. Abbey doesnt specify how many relics you can place inside but if theres already 3 you cant put in 4th normally.

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HRE can now put more than 3 relics in their landmark

thanks, Mista discovered it


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Appreciate the report—we’ll check into it. Thanks!