Rejoin / Reconnect

Hello guys,

I’m sick really of this, imagine investing 20 minutes and you can’t reconnect, we were 3 vs 3 and winning easily !!! suddenly the guy DC and we got owned big time !!

Thanks, this is really ruining my experience in multiplayer :slight_smile:


Huge problem of CoH2 already … Maybe the biggest one …

At least we can see on this how devs are really listening to a community feedback … :relieved:

Maybe in AoE V in 10 years after 20+ years repeating of this issue we are going to see this implemented


aoe2 at least had restore from save. for tournament games and freinds.


I would like too but seems they are struggling to implement features from previous games imagine features like this that are new, but yeah would be nice.


Thank you guys, I was a bit off after the game hahaha

I like the game but sometimes its not fair, I mean almost all multiplayer have this simple feature :slight_smile: anyways lets hope for the best.


Like sometime I CRASHED during my games which quite annoyed that there don’t even have reconnect in a 2021 game. Even Starcraft has this.
PLZ add it!!!


Its great to finally have a modern version of AoE in our hands and I’m having a blast playing AoEIV. But one thing that this game desperately lacks is an option to reconnect to a game you get dropped from.

Look at any major competitive game like LoL, DotA2, CS:GO, Valorant, etc that holds popularity at the moment. ALL of them have an option to reconnect to a game. Internet connections aren’t perfect and ■■■■ happens sometimes. Just yesterday my game disconnected mid game and I needed to restart it to get connected to servers again.

I think it’s really important to have a reconnect option to get back into a game. Imagine If a player DCed for a short time during a live tournament game. Its 2021, the ability to reconnect to games is a part and parcel of almost every multiplayer title and has been so for a decade. IMO the ability to reconnect should be added in before ranked queues are implemented.



yea I agree. You lose entire game just because of network issue for few minutes.

Would love this too!

Just twice the game has crashed on me out of no fault of my own, and it is quite frustrating as it counts as a loss.

I would also love to know that when a person leaves from the lobby or leaves in the game from disconnecting… I would like the message to indicate it as so. For e.g. if a person disconnects from in-game, it just says they were eliminated. If a person leaves in the lobby, a network error is displayed. I think these messages could be clearer.

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:open_mouth: big thread merge. Seems like the odest thread is from beta. MICROSOFT GIB PLS

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This is beyond imperative, this is crucial.

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yep, pretty much all games have it

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pls add reconnect to game

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Had 1 crash today lol this is frustrating. Hope they add it asap.

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This feature needs to be added ASAP…unacceptable to not have it in an RTS in 2021

Yeah, I just crashed too, it is so frustrating not being able to join back.
Being able to reconnect after a crash should be a standard feature in every game

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Reconnect feature is a must and honestly basic feature of any game now. Really not cool for anyone to go through a game for 20 minutes and disconnect for whatever reason and not be able to rejoin and continue.


Well, game is made to be play under 15 minuts.

i wonder wy every one want to play a 1 houre and more game, it is way more then any scenario length.

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I find that difficult to believe given all of the matches I’ve played and watched. Unless of course you think they failed miserably at getting the average game length to under 15 minutes.

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You understand fast. :stuck_out_tongue:

For the Game length, it is in a total mess.

They miserably failed getting the average game length playable.

It is because of the 1 year for 1 game second, that is messing every thing.

The game was made to be play fast, too fast for players to have any fun.

Players don’t want to one hit win under 15 minuts, players want fun, they want to figth, lose figth and be abe to comme back on the batlefield, in a game that last hours, or until one need to leave.

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