Rejoin / Reconnect

Players should be able to rejoin after they crashed.

I played a 2v2v2v2 and my mates PC crashed.
1 minute later he was back online in Teamspeak but he couldnt rejoin the game and so the game was over for me too. (playing 1on2 is useless)

This is very frustrating if the game is running over a long time.


Agree, it should be a feature at launch in a 2021 RTS.


I agree, I believe it’s pretty essential to allow a reconnect function to avoid ruining multiplayer games that have already started. Hopefully it gets implemented before release or soon after.


I agree, being able to return to the game after a crash is very necessary.


I’ve pointed out the same. By comparison, there is a RTS called Northgard which has this feature. And for the most part it works great. One guy gets disconnected for whatever reason (BSOD, GPF, flakey ISP, whatever) and a few minutes later he’s back in the voice channel. If he’s able to relaunch the game, >95% of the time he can reconnect to the ongoing game within 5 minutes. The only time I’ve seen this fail is when the game server itself completely crashes - presumably because at that time, there is nothing left to reconnect to.

Would thing AoE4 would have this on release. I did notice during the stress test that this was not the case. I crashed twice and that was that.

Good suggestion!


Sometimes my net works perfectly for weeks without any disconnects, sometimes I get one or multiple random micro disconnects within a day which throw me out of the game and it’s GG.
Quite some people I know got the same issue.

Would love to see such a feature too.
In a game released in year 2021 it’s actually not a feature but a must have core part of the game.



Reconnecting needs to be available


This is not yet there currently and it is the feature I’d say I want the most.
If it is not there at least when they introduce Ranked modes that’d be really bad… :frowning:

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They publish the game like final, so that is it.

Unless if players do presure them, there will be no feature to rejoin in game mach, when player disconnect.

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This is a must-have feature for RTS in 2021. How are you supposed to play when you are playing with other people and they get disconnected for a minute.


Agreed. My computer never crashes in games since the '90s.

In my first 20 games of quick match my game crashed 3 times. If you try to immediately open up the replay of the game you just played, it usually crashes the game.

Starcraft 2 did the networking very well. If a player starts lagging, loses internet, the game is paused and a popup appears w/ a 60 second countdown timer letting everyone know the lagging person.


I’ve lost people in a couple games before but wasn’t sure if they had just ditched or couldn’t reconnect.

I’d also like to see people be able to come back.

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This is frustrating indeed because I play with a small group of IRL family and friends. No one is disconnecting intentionally. For reasons unknown, AoE4 fairly consistently crashes to the desktop when playing multiplayer. No BSOD, no splash screen. Game just locks up and I’m at the desktop. There is an application event log error 1000 indicating a faulting app in “RelicCardinal.exe”.

In voice chat, the other guys playing do not know that I’ve crashed out until I say something. When I re-launch the game, that is when they see the message “Moose has been defeated”.

Interesting to me how a small indie developer can release a game like Northgard which has the ability to seamlessly reconnect to a disconnected game (provided you reconnect within a few minutes) but a big franchise with all the resources of Microsoft Game Studios behind it can’t seem to figure it out.


As is the case with AoE 3 sometimes the game crashes or boots you out. When it does you have no option to reconnect, you’re just of the game. Features that really should exist in 2021 include:

  • Option to reconnect to match
  • AI takes over from disconnected players


  • When a player is defeated you should also get their pop added to yours. Otherwise the game is effectively done when one player is out because it’s effectively 200 vs 400 (using 2v2 for example). Stronghold has this feature and it’s great. You can have a 1 v 2 match where 1 player would have 300 pop and the other 2 player team has 150 each. It just seams like a simple way to make games more enjoyable

I strongly agree with part 1 but disagree with part 2.
Let’s say you play 2v2 and defeat one player together with an all in rush while his team mate is booming until you go for him.
He’d have an unfair advantage after that…
It would most likely encourage turtle/boom play and make the game less dynamic/interesting and punish early aggression and make lots of strats unviable plus indirectly buff lategame civs to the sky.


You make a good point, but I do often feel that it’s a shame when there’s been a close match , only to have one player get into trouble and end the whole game immediately.

Maybe part 2 is a toggle feature for custom matches.

Ps. Big ratings on your name.

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Hi. As unfortunately I had time to experience, AOE4 likes to turn off due to a crash (?). The sad fact is, if that happens, you can’t rejoin a multiplayer game. All the game and time spent on it disappear. Will be there added option to reconnect to the game in the future?


This is a MUST HAVE… reconnect is prioritary…


I can see this work in team games but not in 1v1 games as the other player will simply win the game right away right?

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Well. I was playing +2v2 only, but when i started AOE 10s after it quit itself, there is casual main screen and no reconnect options.

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