Related to Mods: Spammy and Duplicate Mods Taking Over The Main Display Pages of Mods Center

(This bug is related to

Mod Center & user Experience:

The mod center currently displays duplicate and spammy mod items.

Please take a look at this mess:

Graphics section is supposed to show a variety of mods. Not mods from the same user over and over and what’s messier is that most of those mods are the less used in the previous versions of AoE2.

I am pretty sure you guys have a great team to render the main sections of the mods center more appealing to us by eliminating duplicate mods, not allowing the same user to appear more than twice as well taking into consideration the mod popularity factor.


Glaring once again at this made me realize that this guy “Guaymallen” has a team tag going on in all his mods… LMFAO

Hi @GregRising, Yes. The reason for this is because the user started the title of their game mod with a symbol “[” which by the default sorting appears before “A”.

@DodoNotDoDo How do you feel about restricting the characters which are allowed for game mods to prevent promotion using characters which bump up mods to the top of the list?

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We’ll take a look at putting some restrictions on titles to avoid some of the non-alpha characters causing issues with sorting.

To previous points on what’s displayed, keep in mind you can also sort by other columns to view things like most liked or most downloaded or search for a specific keyword or creator. Also, while these are by the same author, they don’t appear to be duplicates.


Can you enable the Steam Workshop. That would solve all this nonsense.

Thank you so much! Could you make it by default show most liked + most viewed = most popular? It would make our lives easier to find those crucial mods at first glimpse.

It should now default to sorting by most popular. I also changed it so when sorting by name it will ignore the extra non-alpha characters. Hopefully this will provide a better experience. Thanks for bringing this up! We’ll continue to evaluate if further tweaks could be useful as well.


Hi, I think a “most recent” order option would also be appreciated. It’s nice to check out what’s new on the modshop every once in a while. At least I use it all the time on the Steam Workshop.

You can click the Last Updated or Date Added column header to sort by those and see the latest.

The sort options update in the url so you could even bookmark that sort to easily always see the latest.


Very Nicely Done! Now It looks much better. Let’s wait for the rest of mods to be ported and it would look even better in the future.

Thank you for this!

I have to add, that Guaymallen did nothing wrong. IMO it is okay to add author name to mod names in order to differentiate them from other similar mods.
Also putting this kind of info into titles as prefix surrounded by square brackets is standard practice in many places.

It was a mod sorting issue, not issue about Guaymallen.

Indeed he did nothing and nobody put the blame on him in post. A quick tip though… Those square brackets ruin the readability experience. If I were him I would instantly remove them and work on beautifying those titles to encourage the consumption of my mods.