Release custom DE AI that instead of reading the map "difficulty" instead are hard coded at that difficulty

This would be a great way for friends who are at various skill levels to fight AI’s of various difficulty. The AI’s could be selected based on drop down menus just like the HD edition AI etc.


I think, that this would be possible to do by modders by combining default Promisory AI “D:{steamPath}\steamapps\common\AoE2DE\resources_common\drs\gamedata_x1\PromiDE.per” into one script and replacing difficulty based statements so, that only statements speficic to specified difficulty are executed. Would have to do this for each difficulty, so would get this script for each difficulty.

It seems very possible to do, but it would be good to program a tool for this to do this automatically each time default AI is updated in patch.


I agree - modders could do this. I have dabbled with AI script writing in the past myself, and the easiest work around I could imagine would be to make world difficulty stored as a variable within the script, this could then be “Over-ridden” saving the user from having to redo every AI .per file for the DE. I’m not familiar enough with the new AI to know if that would work however.

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Oh, this would be a great way how to do this. So basically it would be necessary to merge all Promi AI scripts into one script and at beginning of this script define a constant for difficulty. Then replace all “#load-if-not-defined DIFFICULTY-EASIEST” style difficulty checks with checks for difficulty constant value.

Finally would need to create versions of this script for each difficulty, where in each version difficulty constant would be valued as appropriate.

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