Release past event rewards as DLC!

I’ve just missed the very last reward for the KOTM event and am majorly bummed out. I’m a completionist and really wanted that final skin for my Italian explorer. Unfortunately life obligations gets in the way sometimes and I don’t have as much time to play as I’d like.

I don’t see what the devs have to lose by allowing past rewards to be purchased. Those who don’t care about cosmetics can ignore them, while those who do care can help support development of the game through paid DLC. Take my money!

If that is not possible, then at least an opportunity to redo missed events in the future.


As for me, I just got Age3DE so I missed nearly 2 years worth of unlockables/rewards. I guess it’s fair, I don’t know? It’s kind of a sign for older players to say “we’ve been here first, before you”. That kind of thing, you know? But still, I’d be happy to get a chance to catch up with everyone.


AoE2 has anniversary events which give the prizes of old events. Maybe AoE3 could do that as well.

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maybe there will be some event in the future to let people get those rewards they missed


I think that this is a great idea.

My issue is that I participated from the beginning and received the awards, but for some reason they were not saved. Release was very buggy. I have the screenshots to prove that I got the rewards though. Having to pay for something that I already had would irk me.

que extraño colega, a mi no me ocurrió eso mmm probaste a estar concetado o de tener abierta tu cuenta de xbox?

The first event mission is to sign in to your xbox account lol.

sep, pero para el resto tienes que activar tu cuenta si o si todos los dias para que te den los activos, ya que la cuenta una vez te sales del juego se desactiva xd

I think that the time of the challenges should be unlimited in time for those who bought the DLC, that is, they should also be included in the consumer package, or at least more time to do it, Personally I would prefer that if you could buy cosmetic things it would go to take one more course to the buildings, metropolis, non-hero units, not just the hero.

The game logs you in automatically. The game bugged out on release and I lost my stuff. You don’t have to constantly log in.

encerio? conmigo no lo hace y tengo que activarla manualmene

That would work too.