Relic cart can fail to respawn at all when there is an active trigger with remove object effect

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  • GAME BUILD #: VERSION 101.102.15522.0 (#81058) 10944061
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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^was trying to make a workaround for the several year old relic cart respawn bug where it respawns with 0 HP as a permanently dying unit. I figured I could just remove the broken relic carts, and spawn a new one, right? well I found an unexpected bug - I had made a scenario with a few ten thousand triggers that would find bugged relic carts (the dying ones with 0 HP that can’t be converted), remove them, and spawn new working relic carts in their place. Then I noticed them not respawning at all and found out this bug

tl;dr having an active trigger with a remove object effect targeting the relic carts can cause a relic cart to not respawn. It is not always reproducible; you need to try a few times on real game or in replay.

i have provided a minimal example scenario which has 17 transport ships, one relic cart garrisoned into each transport ship, and two triggers - one active trigger which looks for 17 dying gaia relic carts and then removes them all at once, and one inactive trigger which still looks for them but only chats that they exist and doesn’t have the remove effect.

I have also attached a save game. I found that I didn’t see the bug the first time I replayed it, which meant the replay was sorta like, everything is fine even though the real game had a bug. when I restarted the replay the bug appeared. i don’t really understand what’s going on, maybe it’s a chancey bug

note: the video scenario is not provided in the topic as it has 60k triggers but i made an example scenario that can reproduce the issue with one trigger

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  • 25% of the time / matches I play (SOMETIMES)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. In the Editor, create a lake and fill it with transports that have one relic cart garrisoned each
  2. create a trigger with the following characteristics
condition: objects in area (enough to cover the lake), GAIA, dying, relic carts (unit 1304), quantity 17
effect: remove objects GAIA, state=Dying, Relic Cart, area = big enough to cover the lake
trigger enabled: true

  1. Start deleting the transport ships
  2. Watch the replay
  3. Restart the replay.

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When 17 relic carts in transport ships are deleted, 17 gaia relic carts should always spawn on a nearby shoreline. Then the remove object trigger should activate once 17 of them accumulate, meeting the condition of 17 objects in area

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relic cart bug remove object.aoe2scenario (1.4 KB)

SP Replay v101.102.15522.0 #(81058) @2023.04.13 023438.aoe2record (409.9 KB)

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