Relic Launch countdown events!

This seems to be Relic’s attempt at hyping the game before launch.
However it might also be a useful event to get more info on what they’ve actually been working on since the betas.
Otherwise, its just a bunch of fun casted matches you can watch.

There are some cool prizes etc so stay tuned!


This is nice but we want beta :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, the prize look more like dull.

The offer of age of empire 1 2 3 has a prize is not a prize…

i am sure that every age of empire gamer already got all of the games.

The book is fine.

The xbox game pass do not feal like a prize. I feal like they are fishing for new income and permanent income.

The prize pool is more made for new people, then for the active players base.

I’ll take fun casted matches over what we got between closed beta and stress test.

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Is the competition using new version? Maybe we can see improvements every week?