Relic Monks selected by Ctrl + ,

“Ctrl + ,” hotkey selects a bunch of military units on the map. But it also selects monks with relics. But Why? They are not even capable of converting units. Why are they considered a military unit by the game?

Well, because it’s either military units or villagers.

Monks with Relics can’t be defined as villagers (they can’t gather things)
So the first category is the next best choice

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It makes no sense to exclude monk from military just because he is currently carrying a relic. Especially knowing that monk can immediately drop a relic and start converting. It is still the same unit, just doing a different task.

Monk healing a unit is still considered a military unit. Villager repairing siege is still considered villager. Those are similar cases and in both cases it would just cause confusion to temporarily recategorize those units.

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Monk with Relic is a different unit. It has no purpose rather than putting the Relic into monastery. It cannot heal or convert, selecting them as military units makes no sense to me.

So you should accidentally send them into war to die? They can’t even fight. Classifying them as villager is much better. Also there are other categories such as the domestic animals which are neither civilian nor military units.