Relic please save delhi

This buff puts them effectively back at 800 (780) once you research the IMP tech AND makes them seriously immortal to any range unit not mangonel or HC’s (with BSM will have a total of 14 range armor)… This means a fully upgrades archer WITH incendiary arrows will do 1 dmg per volley… fully upgraded crossbow will do 8 dmg; and since most specialty range units do about the crossbow dps; ONLY HC and spear swarm traps will counter late game Howdahs!!

But in other news… I Think I’ll really like the War Elephant change:

Basically a Treb in cost, a Ram versus buildings, high DPS; THE ONLY THING IT IS MISSING RELIC IS!!! 60s is too long to wait for a 750 resource unit to que… Only the Great Bombard takes longer than Elephants to que. While the Tower elephant is OP and may need to stay at 60s; this hopefully more useful War Elephant needs to train in 40-50s without scholars and before the 25% BSM tech.

Compound of the Defender Lankmark was already a META building; given how niche/underwhelming House of Learning current is (we’ll see if these newer house is better…doesn’t look it…)

These Buffs are super duper solid at making Castle delhi NOT all in given how defensive they are; IFFFFFFFFFF all of these buffs are research-able at the Compound.

Slow Burning Defenses plus Court Architects already makes current Imperial Tower spam something you NEEEED siege to break thru b/c 15 fire resist on top of all that HP vs units that typically have 20 torch dmg or less makes for a huge waste of time; especially when bombard dmg is splashing those clump up units trying to siege just a singular tower!!

This sounds like it might be worth having 4 scholars taking up pop space; IFFFF this Handcannoneer Tower Elephant has 5 range!! Effectively 2 Chinese HC’s on 870 HP, and 14 range armor??! every 90s… So with great micro you can potentially have like 4 or more of these units alive?? What’s gonna kill them. I already see the nerf coming.

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Pretty stoked to try out all these elephant changes.

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