Relic teases something but

It likely has nothing to do with AoEIV. You might want to join them tomorrow though.

They are broadcasting on their twitch channel a map with background audio from WWII radio, bombings and sounds of machine guns. Possibly a CoH remaster or DLC/expansion, who knows.

As far as I can recall, some time after AoEIV’s announcement in 2017 Relic published vacancies for an unannounced project - besides AoEIV. That might be it.


Intriguing. I rather like the CoH series… but imagine… if it turned out to be an AoE + CoH merger. Age of Heroes :clown_face:

In any case, it’s probably too late for a DLC for 2 but CoH3 I’m not sure either.

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It’s a very good franchise as well.

Well, I guess so. I just can’t believe that they have been working full stream in two major titles at the same time. Unless it is just an early announcement and the game is still a long way off

Tomorrow we will find out what kind of surprise they have for us.

I loved Company of Heroes… it was a great RTS.

CoH 2 was not so good anymore but not because of the gameplay but because of the extreme DLC business model.
As ridiculous as it sounds, every commander was a dlc.

It’s Company of Heroes 3 :smiley:

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I don’t know if they would be working on CoH 3 since they are working on AoE4. It might be an announcement though