Relic timer of standard game,about free relic of Armenians

Case 1:If Armenians build a first Fortified Church,they will break enemy’s relic timer.
Case 2:If Armenians build a first Fortified Church on a map without any relics (such as mega random sometimes),they will start relic timer.unless they enemy are also Armenians,see Case 1.
It’s my test on pup.I can’t use Armenians but AGE


Yes, but how likely is it to get a relic victory before Armenians build their first Fortified Church.
Armenians will likely build a Church as soon as possible so in most cases the opponent won’t even have their first Monastery out buy then.

That means that Random maps must have relics in them for balance reasons.

It was kinda true already since there are other civilisation bonuses that rely on relics (mostly Lithuanians).

rare but possible,hope a perfect solution.

You should add “Armenians” to the title to make the topic clearer. :+1:

Another player reported this test, apparently using Armenians enabled by preordering the DLC:

  1. A scenario where Player 1 was Armenian, and Player 2 had a Relic at game start;

  2. Player 2 did not start the victory countdown when putting their Relic into a Monastery;

  3. The moment Player 1 built a Fortified Church, both players started victory countdowns.

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A bit different,but pay or not pay ,that’s a question.