Relic Will answer to community questions today

Please, do your questions about Graphic: if they Will improve It or Will make a Graphic DLC

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Wonderful wonderful news, this is the kind of community interaction we need.

We are counting on our American and Australian brethren to ask the questions we are all interested in as this is the middle of the night for us Europeans.


I think they will approve the graphic a bit like they said in the gamescom stream yesterday. But also a big question will be the new beta, and maybe after the second beta they approve it another time a bit. And I think it’s pretty possible that there will also be a graphic DLC like in Age of Empires 2 DE

Yeah this is pretty bad xD But c’mon tomorrow is saturday so I think I’ll stay up and watch the stream

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Let’s hope that good questions will be asked as this interaction with us is rare. Will definitely stay up for this.