Relic, you had one job

To not to repeat that same disgusting mistake that AoEO was with it’s terrible artstyle, graphics and colors…

Seems like it was to big of a task…


I mean no offense, mister. But your graphics hardware or graphics processing interface seem to be faulty. Try and check the different colors in paint and you’ll see that while to your monitor (eyes) these two look the same, they are in fact nothing alike. :wink:


Aoeo had nice gameplay at last… This new… Im not sure…

Well of course we can’t be sure; we haven’t seen any actual gameplay yet. Just a rendered cutscene, effectively. Very difficult to judge anything at this point.

Ensemble ! you had one job.
These are your age 3 graphics shown initially but game still grew on us.

I say wait and give it some time.


I’m reserving all judgement until AI see actual gameplay footage, not cinematic flyovers.

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Not. Even. Close.


Oh yeah, I remember when people freaked out over AoE III’s graphics too. I think it has become like a trend with every new Age game. They quite down after they like gameplay, let’s hope it is true for IV too.