Relics and secret sites

Watched couple games of this tourney and was thinking what would shift the gameplay and make it different every time.
So I was thinking what if when you put relic in monastery you choose between

  • % army movement speed
  • % gather resources
  • % faster upgrade research

maybe even something else, dunno

Secret sites are usually made for someone who turtle to get punish.
Instead of waiting 10 minutes would be cool If secret sites give different
Maybe instead of secret sites you have 3 mercenary camps each one is different, units, upgrades, etc. , something like aoe3 camps.
That way we will watch some new interesting build orders and strategies.

What do you guys think, would you like maps to have more stuff on them to interact which gives different benefits ?


I want the holy places to pause, only restart if everyone is lost; but they should decrease the time it takes to capture a sacred place