Relics. Do you think the game will have them?

And would you rather have AoM style relics that each give unique bonuses or AoE2 style relics that all do the same thing?

The game is made by Relic so I’d hope they include some Relics.
I like the AoM idea with Relics giving different boni. But I think they should still always give Gold (or something different depending on civilisation).


Seeing as different civs use resources in different ways, gold would not be of equal value to every civ, unlike in AoE2. So I imagine they likely won’t have the relics all give gold. At worst they’ll have each civ gain the resource that’s most important to them.

If resources can still be transferred between players they must have the same value to them.
Like if one civilisations relies on defence they’ll need a lot of Stone. But what about an Offensive one? They need something else to do with it or in a Multiplayer they would transfer all to their ally.

Same with Gold of course.

AoE have ruins and artifacts. AoE II have relics. AoM have relics. AoE III have treasures.

Yeah, sounds like we can expect some kind of feature that gives an extra layer to the gameplay, since it’s a classic AoE thing. Some kind of ruins (AoE like) or special neutral spots you can capture would be cool and equally usable by all civs despite of the asymmetrical civs design.

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Sounds very similar to AoEIII’s native and trading posts.

Having something like that featured in AoEIV too would be a pleasant surprise.


Ok, now is when I realize I’ve mentioned AoE III’s treasures but not the trading posts lol. Just like that, yeah, and coming from Relic (there are strategic locations in both Dawn of War and Company of Heroes that you can/must capture) most likely AoE IV will feature something similar.

It’s taking sooo long for Microsoft to show more, tho.

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What sort of strategic locations were there in those games?

In DoW there where 2 resources and one was only created by capturing strategic locations (and build buildings on them to get more).

In CoH I think it was very similar but with different resources.

Also you could win holding a specific amount of one type of strategic points.

I kinda like the Ruins and Artefacts form AoE1 more than AoE2 Relics I wish they would do more than just collect them all to win.

How will monks do WOLOLO if they don’t have relic? Bro, we need them otherwise the game is incomplete.