Relics in wonders too


I visited the cathedral of Trier today, which has a nice collection of relics (including a cloth that Jesus wore and one of the holy nails, that I assume was used to crucify Jesus), and got an idea : what about giving the option of putting relics in a wonder too ?

Most wonders are religious buildings, and they are very rarely seen in games that do not outright require building or defending one. Most games end by KO after all. Sometimes the wonder victory condition is outright disabled, making them useless except for showing off that you still expect to win despite burning 3000 resources and keeping your villagers busy for that white elephant. Which seems a bit wasteful as they are a very interesting sight, the biggest building and visually unique to each tech.

So here is my idea to make them a bit useful :

  • allow monks to deposit relics in wonder (as well as monasteries)
  • relics in wonders yield twice as much gold, as they normally do.

This would make a small incentive to build them. Probably still underpowered if wonder victory is not an option, but at least the wonder wouldn’t be entirely useless in normal games.

What do you think ?

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1000 stone and tons of manpower to build is too much for 2x gold. Make it 5x. Also you have to protect your wonder.

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