Remade Castle Blood Automatic in AoE4

I remade Castle Blood Automatic (CBA) and uploaded it into PUP mod shop. It is an early version without too much balance/debug work. Hope you guys enjoy it.

I modify some rules, especially “raze” because the gates and towers of AoE4 is too large to place 3 or more in a narrow land.


Can you post your project on github? I’d like to add more of the OG settings to it, like razes give you villagers, balancing, etc.

EDIT: Never mind! Found it.

I fixed some bugs, please download the latest version 0.1.1

awesome! the only custom that make me to relaunch game.

@ Zachlive101
About balance, can you remove siege and walls from be able to queue in workshops (some tunning packs can adjust price of siege to 50k)?
but do not know what is in original CBA tuning pack)
the most annoying thing siege war)