Remappable hotkeys are not remappable and massive disappointment

Yes, they aren’t fully remappable at all, and the other problem is you can’t change the panel to match any hotkey changes, e.g. if you want to swap lumber camp and mining camp to match AoE 2.


Can you USE SHIFT + queue unit → to get 5.
am i dump or this feature is missing?


Ok. i get the trick.
You need to put Secondary as shift + Letter.

VERY strange btw.

  • should repeat all mapping for EVERY building manually
  • shift do not work by default straange

but atleast it works.


I fully support remappable keys and think it should be default but for the god sake already enough is enough. If someone is going to quit because they cant have exactly same layout as x game they would quit anyway even if they could have same layout.


Maybe the current systeme isn’t perfect, but to me (which are very relient on hotkey) this patch is the end the beta version.
I mean, this patch add much more significant stuff to me than the october version did to the beta.

I can’t imagine what the game would have been like if it had been released in its current state, definitly in a waaaay better spot. So now i can recommand the game.


patchthe error persists, if you activate the remappable keys, you cannot create 5 units with the shift and you cannot give a queue attack order with shift + A


Not listening to players is always how a game fail.

People said don’t be negative, It is not something new, but people asked for OVER A YEAR (Yes, before the game was even released). Many aoe4 players are also playing other aoe series games, and I can tell you it is something prevent many aom players I know to play aoe4. Especially for competitive players.

If a fps game locked their abilities that you need TWO keys instead of ONE, no doubt it will be a massive failure. For most players, we only need hotkeys for key buildings, and that’s why one key is enough. No point to have a grid system because I can use hotkey to build a wonder, and not all building/unit share the same hotkeys for diff civs now.

Even from their road map months ago, they mentioned it will be fully remappable hotkeys. We didn’t get it now and this seems reasonable for players to upset about it.

I hope season 2 ladder rating will be fixed, or I have to explain to AOM players Kimo is nowhere as good as Mista and Magic when his ranking is way higher.


I only saw a utility for the ground attack of the siege that I wanted to reassign, that’s why for the moment it doesn’t bother me

But a lot of times in FPS you need 2 keys to access funtion.??? For example battleroyals tab → inventory, RMB → LMB = ads fire

Im not aware which keys couldn’t be reassigned in this patch but this is not problem with remappability this problem with UI design and how its designed so you’re complaining about wrong thing.

Remappable hotkeys literally means you can change A to B and not how UI functions. So what you essentially want is customizable UI.

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read the topic, i’ve provided the solution for the problem.

it’s really SIMPLE solution to the problem (at least on paper simple)

Allow overlapping for ConstructionMenu I & II. (as it’s done for all hotkeys).

  • Put Both to Q.
  • Press Q == Activate both( ConstructionMenu I & II )
  • Press the hotkey for building.
    If hotkey in ConstructionMenu I → build.
    if not but in ConstructionMenu II → build from the second one.

People will be able to Easily emulate 2 hotkeys.
i would play with one ConstructionMenu, cause either way you need to press ESC to exit the ConstructionMenu. And aoe4 has less buildings than aoe2 (and sc2 i believe).
Still do not understand R for only wonder and university.

@BdelloidBore5 before arguing and making exices instead of devs. You should ask WHY it’s important for players.

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oh ok, but the update does not allow you to see all the hotkeys inside the box it will be very tedious to do everything because when you change the grid all my configuration is reset

I’ll test if that works for attack order or standing still with shift +A and shift + v


Something that may seems its simple may not actually be that simple. For example its easy to say that no one should kill another human being. Just don’t do it, but in reality its not that simple XD

I could bet lot of money that ppl like you who are moaning over this are minority. Probably vast majority of games got tons of gameplay things behind 2 button combination or even more.

But the question is for ya. Why does it matter if its qwer for selecting each age? Do you think you would be better player if you were able to press 1 key less?

Tho I would prefer also able to not use esc but then again I can rebind it myself outside of game if I so really wanted so not really a issue



too close - can missclick. but change W to other key without fully remaping - will be worse.

I would be able play aoe2 and aoe4 AND sc2 if i wont.

aoe2 pros can full tier 2 scene for aoe4, if they have same hotkeys. ( hera/viper/kasva/capoch/vivi can potentially continue play both… and there will be MORE aoe2 tier 2 players to jump in)

I know 3Dbee used to play SC2 tournaments.
DeMuslim plays sc2 on stream.

With 300k$ on line there will be a lot of Pro players who can bring something new to the game… if they donot forced to drop their main.

But yes, for me 10 years of clicking same hotkeys is very important.
i’ve return to aoe2 after 8 year break and remembered hotkeys in 4-5 games.

Btw, aoe4 i play partly with mouse(espetially if you misclicked → you can mouse build).

It’s more about making the game more enjoyable to play. Take some of the basic building hotkeys:
QS Blacksmith
QD Market
QF Monastery
QG University
WQ Blacksmith
WW Market
EQ Monastery
RQ University

In 2, I carry those letters across to the selection hotkeys, so I have ctrl+s for select all blacksmiths etc. You can’t do this in 4 because the 2nd letter isn’t unique, and there’s no way to rearrange the panel to make it work well if you start changing the 2nd letters.

If they’d just allow us to make mods that can be used in online games, the community could sort all this out for them.

Doggedly defending these shortcomings of the game is just going to drive players away. I’m considering going back to 2, with this being a huge factor. About the only things keeping me playing 4 are the fact it supports Steam natively, whereas 2 needs an Xbox login, and the cosmetic side of 4 including XP progression and daily challenges, which add a bit of interest and a reason to play at least one game a day. The camera and hotkeys are still much worse than 2, even after the latest patch.


I think they have pleased them 98%, the only thing they cannot change is the villager’s panel that requires a letter for each era, otherwise everything is reassignable, the game also has its own identity, they are very demanding, for a small difference in the panel of villagers, come on

I would say the beta ends when there is a pause button in multiplayer.

I can agree on this now when team games will become way longer games due to the landmark victory condition being changed.

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Player might miss click regardless. No one is subject to playing perfectly even if hotkeys are the perfectly set up for specific player.

So they cant continue playing because they cant have AOE2 experience in AOE4? Pretty poor reason. While Im not personally against things like having customizable UI etc if its something that developers chose and can spent their time on it, but imo not that important.

Top of that AOE2 pros that went back to AOE2 left for multiple different reasons and they wouldn’t come back because they could have same set of hotkeys. I wouldn’t be surprised if the real reason for them leaving is because they didn’t have success in AOE4 that they wanted. Same thing was SC1 → SC2. Some stayed and some went back to SC1.

Player won’t have successful career as pro player if they focus on 2 different games and try to be professional in both. Most AOE4 top tier players are actually ex SC2 pros and even in SC2 world they were mediocore at best. This should tell quite lot about level that AOE2 or AOE3 or AOM pros are at in terms of skill.

Yes and no. Sure getting used to new game or going back to old game with same set of hotkeys is making the transition easier, but human is quite clever and can learn new things and get things to muscle memory with no problems.

For example I drive a car but I have not driven motorcycle or even normal bike for well over 15 years. I could still drive both of them with no problems even to I only drove them fraction of my life.

Nothing stops you or anyone else to learn new layout of hotkeys and using them with no problem.

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I can not missckick in aoe2.

  • aoe2 scenario of missclicking:
    select vil → select eco buildings with Q. (if i click W - nothing happens, cause millitary building faar away ) . and no overlapping with W .

  • aoe4 scenario:
    Here if i press W → i need to click esc or just mouse click.

for me aoe4 is worse. and no i wont search ways around while it’s 4 menues.

For me, i personnaly want to use my skills from my childhood.

It’s about healthy tier 2 scene.

and finally, no one promise, that top1 sc2 or top1aoe2 will be top1 in aoe4.
Game is slower, more forgivable to errors + more strategies (at least you have landmarks with CHOICES)

a lot of aoe2 dropped climbing aoe4 cause hotkeys → they had to choose and to choose early, than game were half done with high level of competition. Remain to be top10 in aoe2 or switch to aoe4 with unknown results.

So, players try to play both → if they like → start clibing higher. → recieve good tier 2 scene.
it’s not nessarary will happen

But to throw away this possibility, cause you do not want to add 2 lines of codes kinda dumb. liturally 2 lines

Meanwhile, while all this AOE4 horsing around has been going on AOE3 has been turned into a spectacular game.

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