Rematch Button for Ranked Games

The idea came after viewing a pro ranked game with an interesting civ matchup, where I really would have liked to see a rematch with the switched civs.

I also play online chess, where it’s common – even good sportsmanship – to do a RE with switched colours.

I don’t know if something similar has already been proposed, but do you guys think this would make sense for the AoE DE ranked lobby?

Two main arguments in favour:

  • You can stick with playing a specific opponent that you find especially helpful/challenging/funny/sociable/interesting.
  • It skips the waiting time in the queue. This might also be interesting for high level players who stream (which I’m not, but sill handy).

Concretely, after the game you’d chose between RE with switched civs or RE with new civs and get a new game immediately.

Any takers?


Recently there was another thread ("Rematch" feature to quickly queue up against the same player at the end of a game) about this. Sounds like a good feature. Only “downside” I can see (by thinking waaaay too much about it 11) is that if one player could agree to lose on purpose to up the other’s ELO. But hey, too bad for them if they give that much importance to a number.



rematch is the thing I miss most from voobly


Yes, i would love this feature. I think in the end we do need a maximum of rematches, before you have to re enter the queue. Like for example you can have max. 3 or 5 rematches against the same user / team. This way you can limit some downsides (like the one posted by cactussteak2171).

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Good point. I dont know how other systems control for that, though I think for example checks these kind of dummy accounts (mb only one account per IP, etc ?)

Also, after like 10 cycles you get like +1 ELO each round. For it to work, the dummy account would have to have a legit ELO, too.

So yes, it technically works, but you’d have to invest hours and hours into it :stuck_out_tongue:

Might be an option, though in my experience, after 5-6 games I wanna change opponents anyway. Could address the issue with the dummy accounts though.

Oups, I didn’t know they had this on voobly, I never played there.

But good to know that there is a model for it!

That is exactly the reason why i picked those number. Most player would move on to a next opponent. The only one that get punished are those who wants to trade elo.

Not sure what you meant with dummy accounts.