Remember me, AoEIV will be a bestseller

Not only will it be a success because Relic will fix issues that have been reported from the community (I can’t specify by NDA), but it will come very close to being a mainstream game.

Even if Microsoft makes an effort and lowers prices slightly in certain countries, it will be even more successful.

The success of AoEIV will not depend mostly on the players of AoE II or III, the success of the game will depend on:

-Have moderately strong content creators stream this game often and Microsoft support them.

  • That the sponsors and Microsoft put money for tournaments and the game is competitive.

  • That players from other RTS and other genres / casual come to play.

That’s what I see will happen.

What is your opinion?

Edit: Ultimately, the important thing is that you want to play ranked that game for a long time. Make it fun and competitive, there is no more.


I totally agree, times change and it is not only useful to make a good game and that’s it, it takes a lot more effort than in the past, especially on the subject of tournament support, with content creators and streams.

the clearest example is PUBG, and RTS can be exploited again in this sense as there are many young people who still do not know them as we did in the past. and also veterans who need a “boost” to see that the game deserves it


Yes, all my friends of AOE2 3 and AOM participated in the beta beta. They are very satisfied with the game and look forward to more content in the future, especially the map editor and cooperative campaign mode.


And that the game will not give its full potential at launch, like all good games, more improvements and content will be implemented to make it attractive to the public.

Map editors and mod creators will be very important.


I agree op. If microsoft reduces the game price, many people will buy the game with nostilgia ideas and they will like it. Many people dontl like golden ghost man, golden color in the game but I think this color gives us fresh, clean feeling of the game and I like it. Also game music is so awosome. Speaking units also good choice because battle for middle earth series speaking units is my favorite feature of the game. Over all I like beta and I believe that age of 4 launch will be successfull. :slight_smile:


For the good of the series I hope they will make it as great as possible by the release date.
The RTS need their renaissance


100% agree, they have done a fantastic job with this game. It’s original and it’s own thing, doesn’t need the legacy of AOE 2 or 3. It will all depend on the fixes community has suggested.


Definitly not as confindent as you are guys ^^. A lot of things should be inprove and 2 month is a realy short time.


To be honest, the beta was already really impressive. They only need to finetune balance, work on some issues but otherwise people really liked it it seems


At the beginning of the Beta I didn’t like the game very much.
But at the end my mind had certainly changed.

It has it’s flaws, but if they fix and work on the most critiqued issues I believe there’s a long and successful road ahead for AoE IV.


Playing AoE2 after closed beta made me:

  1. Check if enhanced graphics is on.
  2. Realize the flaws in game design that were corrected in AoE4.

I think AoE4 will surpass AoE2. Playing the game gave me early Starcraft 2 Wings of Liberty vibes.

EDIT: Also need to mention that, as opposed to SC2, this game will have a stronger casual backbone. I’ve played Starcraft 2 on and off since 2010. The game has always been designed with the top 0.001% in mind, and was brutal for any casual play. People played it mainly due to being inspired by pro gamers, this was its main drive and its design philosophy since the beginning. Blizzard looked at Broodwar and wanted to get a slice of esports in Korea, without giving any thought to casuals, which isn’t healthy for a game in the long term. And it showed! Casuals migrated in masses to more fun experiences, such as League of Legends and never looked back. They tried to salvage it with new game modes, but at that point it was a little too late. AoE4 might not have the same jaw dropping esport moments as Starcraft because of its more balanced, middle of the road approach, but that will definitely ensure a healthier playerbase, and a more fun experience for all levels. I have high confidence in its approach, so much so that I even preordered, which is something I don’t do very often. I think you guys will love it.


At the very least I believe they will most likely surpass AoE3 which is a great news.
AoE3’s sin was how it jumped the shark in the gameplay with those (imho) horrid home city leveling + deck building. The endgame battles could also drag too much due to the unit spam from the batch training


anything humans make has flaws, that’s the beauty.

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No one I know has even heard of Age of Empires 4 coming out. So I doubt it will get much initial sales from hype since there seem to be almost no hype.

My guess is the game will be flop since a large part of the community seems disappointed with the game and not many outside of the community knows about the game.

I guess the deciding factor will be if the game is polished at launch or not.


I don’t think the cavalry is a deal breaker

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How is it not healty? SC2 is the most popular RTS right now by far (i mean, aoe2DE is not even close in term of players base count)

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I think AOE2 surpassed SC2 already.

SC2 has around 18k people avg at any time IIRC, AOE2 have around 15k while only counting Steam users I’m sure if the XBOX live users get counted they would surpass the SC2 numbers.

That doesn’t matter to your point tho. XD. A healthy Esports scene can only do good for a game.


I would argue that the lack of hype is a good thing.
Higher expectations lead to disappointments.

A good game does not need hype to get sales, just word of mouth.

Could you please elaborate on the part about the community and its disappointments?


Not just co-operative campaign mode, I vouch for a true Co-op mode similar to Starcraft 2’s.


Where are you pulling stats from? Id love to have a look. :slight_smile: