Remember when.... Age of Empires online was my favorite game

few years ago there was project that could become great game with just little more advertisement… Age of Empires Online.
Even without premium access it offered a lot of great features, great idea with your own city where You could always back after the game, great co-op missions, good user expirience, great atmosphere, and it was closed… without any other alternative…

Why that game was closed ? we’ve thought that it could be shared with some open source community to start servers again.

There is game that it’s working like that OpenTTD…

there are some plans to start AOE:o in this model ?

I didn’t much like AoEO tbh, it just didn’t scratch that itch for me. It was an okay game, just not as good as the earlier games. I didn’t find myself coming back to it like I did AoE and AoE2. The MMO aspect of it was something I didn’t like either, as I was always a huge fan of singleplayer or MP with friends. There’s a re-boot of AoEO I think, but I don’t have a link for it right now.

i’ve found it it’s called project penelope. MMO had remaked units new features and gave me a lot of fun playing with friends. SO now i miss it :slight_smile:

I think the main issue with Aoe: Online was that it lacked story. The missions were almost all purely objective-based, with little reason or story behind a given expedition for the most part. I did like the graphical style and the music, though, and the way it gave civs unique units.

Totaly agree, lack of story, but missions in co-op, items that could be added to each unit, city and its’ improvments. I was disappointed becouse we were left without any real alternative.

AoE online was pretty much a game for a big audience. Young, old, men and women. Many people started playing AoE only because of this game. The multiplayer features were great.

It was a great experience see other towns and work together in Co-Op.

While I didnt mind the art direction like some others and actually liked the gameplay there were multiple things wrong with it for me.

First of all too much pay 2 win, microtransactions for getting items to perform much better are bad and should notbe available in an rts.
GFWL which was just a complete mess, tons of issues and poor error messaging.
The levels I could play were all rather short and limited, perhaps later on that improved but when I played it really did not have much meat to it.

I played the crap out of AoE Online. I remember I pre-ordered one of the civilizations and I picked it up at Gamestop. I got home, popped that sucker in, and played until I hit max level and beat all the content that there was the beat. I remember uploading Youtube videos on how to beat 40 waves on hard and it got over 10,000 views in like a month. I miss that game. It wasn’t perfect but dammit it was Age of Empires! I also loved the art style. It was a little cartoony but it worked.

I really liked AOEO. Played until the second the servers were shut down, even got a screenshot of the final few seconds with global chat on. One of the things the game lacked was a Scenario Editor. So many possibilities.

I was really curious about this one, but progress was so slow and I never got to see the full Greek civ with all the buildings and units, which I regret. Also an slimmed down offline mode would have been nice because now there is nothing anymore, although I can understand why they didn’t/couldn’t.

@pniemiec said:
Totaly agree, lack of story, but missions in co-op, items that could be added to each unit, city and its’ improvments. I was disappointed becouse we were left without any real alternative.

There is a Steam game that resembles AoEO style but only limited to nordic culture and also with some fantasy/deity stuff related to that. ajem Northgard ajem

Btw, never played AoEO, just watched a tons of gameplay videos on youtube and I have to admit that at first I did not like the game for its cartoonish style but then I realized how wonderful it was to see those civilizations fight and cooperate with AoE essence.

I loved AoEO. It had so amny diferent ways you could play and have fun. Quests, Co-Op, grinding, PvP. It had everything for everyone tastes.

@pniemiec said:
Why that game was closed ?

If you would like the full answer to that question, here it is from the horse’s mouth.

I don’t know why people liked this game it was the worst of all the age games in my opinion

It felt like the development was kind of given up halfway because maybe producers wanted to publish immediately. And then the negative reaction destroyed any hope of the game having a major playerbase.

The mix of MMO and RTS felt clunky - they put in a grind to unlock some content but not the depth of interaction of an MMO which is not a good thing. Things didn’t feel smooth.

I don’t think it was as bad as people said but it felt like not enough thought, time and money was put into it and so you got this sort of clunky piecemeal type game.

I didn’t enjoy AoEO or AoE III… That being said I’m a sucker for AoE I and II :slight_smile:

AOE II Conqueror expansion is the best !

If anyone wants to play AOE Online on a community server (Co op and pvp working too) check out /r/projectceleste/ on reddit :slight_smile: It’s pretty easy to set up

I liked AOEO … was fun

There is Project Celeste for who want revive that MMO RTS.