Remove Argentina! Sooo OP

I play very often and I guess I am well. (Good Rank, best casual rank, many Games). But if I loose, I loose against Argentina. This strategy to make Revolution with the Spain to Argentina is so op. No Unit is good against them. AoE hat to balance it or remove this unit. Add Gold to Mounted Granadero and one Population or make a build limit. I play ranked treaty 2v2 20mins and normal. If I loose here, it is always against them. So pls balance it, because it is no fun to play against them. For notice: I play Spain and Russia in Ranks. I dont like it to use this strategy, because it is op. It is too esay to win the game. There is no real playing.
What are you thinking?


The truth is that those grenadiers on horseback are very OPs, and as I am originally from Argentina, I can also tell you that the Argentine Horse Grenadier Regiment never used grenades, almost always spears and sabers, but that is a separate point.
I think the best nerf is to label it an outlaw and that it costs 2 pop per unit, it is too profitable.


It’s already, they also benefit of outlaw hp and attack boost from saloon

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Sorry, I miss my English, I meant to remove that label!


Wait so do spies counter them if it’s an outlaw?

They do have that on melee hahah, nice details.

That would be a nice balance.

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Spies only counter mercenarys, outlaws don’t count as mercs for some reason. Learned that the hard way when I made full spies vs a usa outlaw strat.

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Maybe making the grenadier horses countered by spies would be a good enough nerf, they already have mercenary like stats so it could make sense to give them a mercenary tag.

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I don’t play AoE 3 but holy moly, what a stupid unit to have. It’s almost as ridiculous as the Mameluke from AoE 2 but way worse.

I like the build limit idea

just remove the outlaw tag and give it to Gaucho, so that all the things are going well.

This is so broken, So many people doing this now. Only a few civs has proper unit to deal with it.

Just throw a bunch of heavy cavalry at them. If they revolt, you immediately have a better economy in the long run and they’re stuck with a bunch of units that can be countered by massed heavy cavalry.


Grenadiers used grenades for a short time, later the name refers to elite corps of European armies, that were taller and stronger to carry all the equipment.

Mounted Grenadiers existed, but:

These grenadiers functioned as mounted infantry, riding with the Horse Guards but fighting with grenades and muskets on foot"

Source: Horse Grenadier Guards - Wikipedia

Argentininian Grenadiers never used Grenades.

Well, this sounds great, but not every civ has this and certainly very few ecos can support making cav only long term. Meanwhile, Argentina has unlimited cows and a cav unit that cost 120 food only per unit.

I think the Argentine Horse Grenadier Regiment (AHGR)need add the right of “Unit attribute”.
Now, the AHRG only have the unit attribute is “Cavalry”.
But its not the right of unit attribute, the AHGR should be “Heavy cavalry”, or even been “Long range cavalry”.
Becuase its not fair of game fairness, if the team wont fix it.

Now, AHGR havent any natural enemy to many civil, cause they dont have army to aim the AHGR
,it make AHGR cant be restraint.

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Not really, you have a slightly better economy against Argentina right after the revolt, not far superior because they have the power of livestock, then they ship citizens and start to be on par eco wise with a far superior army.

In equal numbers, but you don’t seem to understand that Grenadaros are one pop, also revolutionaries exist and your naturally going to have those when you revolt, to be honest I think the Peruvian revolt is more OP than Argentina but both need nerfs.

Argentina is totally helpless against mass cavalry. Go to imperial, upgrade your favorite cavalry unit and just spam it. He will be forced out of grenadiers.

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The developers see this please, it is common sense that Argentina’s win rate in 20 treaty games is huge, the other time I saw a man who had a very poor ranking in supremacy in 1v1 and as a team, but in TR is only in the top 99 using Argentina With 26 wins in a row, at the time I am talking about last week, so now maybe it is located in a better position

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In TR 20 games do not think so, friend, I at least with Dutch, I managed to reach imperial and masse imperial hussars and still I lose, They do the cav instantaneously, they do not tell them anything because they give you combatants who eat the cattle and Besides the food factories, besides that they have their revolutionaries who are anti cav with the improvements of the church and missionaries, why speak of the rodeleros, It is not normal that so many people ask how to deal with the grenadiers on horseback, They need changes to have more facility to counter.

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