Remove Capitol

Why only Europeans need to consume an additional 400w to upgrade the 5age? That’s why developers need to remove Capitol and place upgrades in different buildings, like native or Asian.

Nah. Its fine. dont want all the civs to be too similar. Europeans have plus’s like factories and negatives like having to build the Capitol. It probably could be said it fits in historically. Like the Europeans are fighting and building in the new world/Asia till they by age 5 they start being a new country so need a new capitol, where the Natives/AD’s are already in there home and defending it.


Don’t see a problem with that tbh, the capitol is a fine building with good enough sense and its fine having to build an actual town instead of just houses, farms and military buildings

Yes, in fact, that’s the answer I was looking for. That’s because I think it means that not only Europeans in the game, but Natives and Asians can also adjust the balance by consuming additional wood in the 5ages, and they too can shape their own destiny just like Europeans. Anyway, they also need a building like the Capitol.

Currently Inca and Haudenosaunee use a lot of wood for there units. So do India and China not sure if you could balance a new build at the moment. Maybe if there was a card that changed some units to gold for the various civs or lower some wood costs slightly… But it opens a whole new kettle of fish

This is ridiculous, it’s 400 woood in age 5…

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No need to change it, it’s fine as it is. It kinda makes sense to consolidate the super-late game upgrades in one building.

This. Not sure if I’ve ever watched a competitive game that’s gone to Age 5, but agree that 400 wood in Age 5 is peanuts.