Remove Cavalry Penalty From Culverins And Siege Elephants

Culverins have a hidden 4x multiplier vs Gatling Camels, while siege elephants, flamethrowers, and Haurica do not.

Remove confusion and hidden mechanics by removing the penalty vs cavalry from culverins and siege elephants, while giving the bonus vs gatling camel to the Haurica and Flamethrower.

give siege resistance to the Haurica And Arrow Knight while removing the hidden penalty that artillery have vs them.

Flamethrowers arent artillery, they are more like grenadiers. I dont have see stats but how much damge do culvs instead eles?? They are artillery too

neither haruica or flamethrowers are artillery, that is not important. they have multipliers vs artillery and cavalry that interact wrongly with Gatling camels.

siege elephants are not cavalry. I do not understand your second sentence.

I dont see the issue, I mean gatling camel are artillery, so siege elephants have x1.25 (2.5x0.5)vs them while culverins have x2 (4x0.5)

Edit: initial calculation was wrong, bonuses are multiplicative and not additive

culverins deal 4x to artillery, and 4x to Gatling camels. at 40 base damage that is 640 damage. with a .5 penalty vs cavalry that is 320 damage a shot.

culverins deal 320 damage to Gatling camels. a siege elephant deals only 50. that’s over a 6x difference.

haurica deal the same damage to Gatling camels as they do to hussars.