Remove Chinese build buff

We’ve hated tower rush since the beginning of the game.

The chinese build buff is just an extension of building to harass early out with no drawbacks. Give them something else. Even with them being ‘pretty balanced’ in current stats, this game should be fun.

Hear me out. It’s never fun when you scout and cant counter their villagers bc by the time you bring any unit over they’ve built walls/towers/castles. It’s ridicolous, period.

Yes lets remove everything thats special about the different civilizations and make it more symmetric and boring.

This is not an issue in my eyes.


Actually, Chinese tower will cost 90 sec, it is more time than others civ (60s).
If you are rushed by Chinese, you will be rushed by every civ.

Yes lets continue removing remaining chinese identity not like dynasties and gunpowder was enough already?

So lets see Civ traits:

Gunpowder, expansion and dynasties more like expansion anymore.



Remove Chinese!!!