Remove five units at once from queue using shift+click

If you press shift while you click on a unit portrait or press it’s hotkey, you add 5 units to que queue instead of only one. It saves a lot of clicking and helps a lot when producing from multiple military buildings during trash wars. My suggestion is to also allow the player to remove 5 units from the queue while pressing shift and clicking on the portraits.

Imagine you’re playing as britons, archery range filled with archers on queue during feudal. Upon hitting castle, you will want to quickly clear the queue to research xbows. If you are huns (and went archer on feudal) you will use the resources from these bunch of archers removed from queue to make CA. Also during feudal, adding skirms would be easier as you would quickly clear the queue from archers to make these units you need.

Even with a really fast APM, you can’t clear the queue fast enough - it seens the game can’t handle really fast clicking in there - which makes me waste a lot of time simply to clear an castle of UUs in training to make a trebuchet.

This QoL feature is avaliable in AoE3. I understand this is more natural there - since units are trained in groups of five, shift+click is mandatory - but i think AoE2 could also benefit from this small change. As i mentioned, the main reason i would like to see this is the unresponsiveness of the queue: i click a bunch of times times fast af (two hands spamming LMB), but the games only recognises a small part of these inputs.

Let me know what you guys think of this. 'Tis not as polemic as auto scouting, but could give a good discussion nevertheless.


They should add the fact that if you press to shift-click on the first unit of the queue, and it has more than 3 units, it clear all the queue. This would be better & possible.

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That can work too, i just mentioned 5 units because that’s how AoE3 handles it.

I vote for it :slight_smile: I just wanted to add it on forum

That sounds like a very good QoL improvement - nice suggestion!

That’s the direction I want possible improvements to go, not the game doing things for you by itself (sorry, I just feel the need to express my opinion against auto scouting and the likes whereever I can^^).


During a unit selection, shift + click icon will select all of one type. So imo shift + click in a queue should remove all of one type (not 5).

This would also faster accomplish what you want, easily clear a queue.


Somehow this feature as well as many other standard ones have been omitted in the implementation of the definitive edition, which does not reflect well. At least the game is getting some sort of support and I hope they listen to the community and fix a lot of the things that needs improvement.


Also the 5 makes sense because with shift-click on a unit portrait you also add 5, so the 5 should also be deducted when clicking on the queue itself. Clicking 3 times on the queue to empty it fully is not too bad, so even if you wanted to clear the whole queue it’d work fine. However I’m against of it clearing the full queue on 1 click cause sometimes you might just want to remove a few units to get resources back so you can maybe research something in another building but still have some units to be produced in the said building you were declining the queue on at the same time.