Remove Khan from game

Can we just remove Khan from this game?

and give khan abilities to scouts and make the abilities have global cooldown so if one scout uses the ability then all the scouts abilities goes on cooldown.


Why do you want them removed?
Its a fun mechanic/unit IMO.


interesting opinion, I do think the khan is OP considering they’re the only Civ with a ‘Hero’ I still like the Uniqueness but can’t deny the OPness of an imortal cav archer

No you Khan’t!

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Yeah I’m going with this guys mindset and to build upon what he said

Why are mongols only civ with a “hero”

Why don’t we all get a special explorer unit like in age of empires 3, I thoroughly enjoyed the explorers in that game

Edit: I have a rule in my system that all .exe programs are run with high priority, so RAM allocation isn’t the issue.

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Totally agree. Let’s make the khan just like a scout. Maybe give them a bit more HP since they are a unique unit?

But the mangudai effect is not good.

I think Mongol should be unactivated until it is fixed, this civ is just too broken compared to any other civs, it is just like playing with cheat code on.

It’s not just the Khan, it’s the ovo, the yam, the super upgrades, no house, buildings that move, OP pasture, there is everything to nerf. We see it on tournament, you can accumulate thousands mistakes, or terrible plays, and still win effortlessly at the end.

I can’t take this game seriously with that civ. And seeing this joke is already on the game since 3 months is a big tell how unseriously Relic takes this game.


Please don’t try to sanitise the game and make every civ the same. Envy is not becoming.


Just give it a cool down and cost to bring it back. So the cost and the cool down scale with each age.


I like that idea of giving every civ a hero unit.

While I agree mongols are overpowered, Getting rid of the khan is the most disruptive and least effective way of solving that problem, From what ive seen relic seem set to get every civ functioning as intended first before rebalancing mongols.

and on that front, ive heard a few good ideas, getting rid of their upgraded seige engineering trait and/or nerfing their high level eco abilities.

But in either case, I dont play mongols because they feel dirty to me balance wise and I take the hits.

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Khan is too strong and at high levels the unit is down right abusive. I suggest the khan gains a melee attack and can no longer fire arrows at villagers. Allow th khan to do everything it already does just do NOT let it use range attack vs villagers. That alone will make the khan as deadly as a scout…


the free revive though? Hmmm. Okay keep it free but increase the revive timer a little bit more so people are force to keep the khan alive.

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ok it’s not a khan without his bow, but yeah pot shotting vils with that compound bow is kinda uncounterable, not sure what change could solve that because cmon, running with a bow is great for the khan, just un-balanced. Possibly Just for vills like you suggest - force melee attack.

Unpopular opinion but I think it’s fine.

In age of empires 3 explorers we’re similarly able to potshot villagers but no one complained bc everyone got a scout unit/ explorer that could do that

I just think each civ should have a leader unit that has special abilities similar to the Khan but unique to the civs

The Khan is a great example, feels very mongol, the mongols were primarily raiders after all


What about the landmark what heal troops when the Khan is near by?

That would be op with any other scout.

In my opinion, Khan should not attack on dark age

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None sense you speak. In aoe3 heroes had a .1 attack malice vs villagers. The only way you could force a forward villager back in aoe3 is if you pets and or guardians to tag team said villager. EVEN THEN such play was considered lame!!! So much so that the community devs and layer forgotten empire also nerf guardians and pet damage vs villagers and vs heroes. So your aoe3 reference of equivalent is a farce.

Also the khan can SAFELY harass villagers from beyond tower range and scout canNOT catch the khan. So there is no age 1 counter to the khan unless your mongols as well…

No, it isn’t, there is literally a special ability to one shot ANY unit, including villagers on most European explorers, the Asian one and native ones have their own thing going on.

You remember, the little ability with the lightning bolt? Yeah? Can target villagers and it’s one shot kill for everything.

And yeah it was agreed upon that was a ■■■■ move, but you could still do it. I’m not defending the practice I personally hate rush in general and wish there were a no rush mode, however, I can’t get mad at the Khan for raiding when mongols are raiders, I should expect early and consistent aggression, I preemptively put towers on all my vital resources and I have zero problems with mongols.

My problem with mongols comes later game when their economy simply outdoes mine and they can spam bombards forever (bc this is bombard tank simulator not ao4, don’t get it twisted)

This isn’t true, a tower out ranges the Khan unless you’re relying on a tower on your wood line to protect your gold.

Also, Khan cannot do anything if you let your scout chase it.

Scouts deal +10 damage to Khan, but Khan only deals 3 damage.

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Yeah it takes some pretty serious micro to kill a scout with a Khan age one, and like, why would you waste time on that?

You are wrong. Sharpshooter only works on guardians meanwhile the European hero ability eagle eye which allows you to one shot most units isn’t available until Industrial…age 4??

Secondly a tower that cost 100 wood and 45 seconds to build doesn’t do anything vs a khan in dark age unless you have units inside it. So not only does this free khan force you to spend 100w on static defense and 45 seconds of villager seconds to build said defense but to make th defense even WORK you need to idle villagers some more… or stop scouting or spend even moreee to make additional scout(s) JUST to shoo the khan away and not even guarantee a kill?

Also khan gets upgrades that increases its attack range, so the only time a tower with upgrades would protect you is if the tower is on the edge of your gathering resource location. For example a concace woodline where there is a tower on the vulnerable side(s) of the concave. Or on static location resources like gold mines. It won’t work on 2nd+ berry bush patches as the can (and a longbow) can stand just outside the tower range yet be able to snipe you from one of the sides.

I’ll admit I haven’t played unmodded AOE3 in a minute, however I really wanna say the one shot ability is unlocked in the dark age. Maybe not, either way he still does relatively the same damage with his shots as a Khan does, the thing is you have your own explorer to defend with.

Like I said above I think each civ should get a hero type unit, not remove the mongols.

You really should be building towers anyways if you’re playing mongols, as mentioned above, they’re notorious for early aggression and it’s a safe bet to assume you’ll be raided and go ahead and tower up, I don’t see it as a waste of resources as much as preemptively building.

Yeah I’d never make more than one scout unless I’m hre doing pro scouts or rus, I’d just make spears and chase him off at that point.

Yeah but that’s not age one is it? By that point you can begin upgrading your towers/walling

Longbow yes, Khan I’m doubtful, maybe you just need to build another tower?

Honestly you should really be fast walling playing against mongols, they are literally THE raiding civ