Remove kotd4 arabia map from the map pools

Okay, kotd4 is long gone the hype is gone but we are still playing that monotonous map where you can’t play defensive or bet on your macro cause the enemy can control your woodlines and push your map in no time, ever since that map was introduced and using kotd4 stats as an example the only viable competitive BO is man at arms+archs+market up so it has been quite boring honestly, we already have atacama or socotra for that purpose.

I can live with it in 1x1 but the map generation is really bad for TEAM GAMES, several months ago i was complaining about the bad allies the MM is giving me, that hasn’t really changed, but it is way worse now cause in those maps they die min 13 and there is nothing i can do, there is only one chunk of wood and really far away and usually with the gold in the opposite direction so they can’t even defend their selves, that kotd4 arabia for team games is even worse than atacama, it has been killing lots of games by terrible map generation, the kotd4 was created specifically for 1x1 an early 2x1 is game over so that is enough reason to remove that map pack at very least for the team games.

If you are a dev and you are reading this, remember the purpose of a map is to offer diversity to the gameplay not to put the perfect conditions to perform the same strategy over and over and succeed, so please change the map for the next map rotation to the older versions.


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