Remove or change Keshik!

This is the worst heavy cavalry in the game now!
It is countered by archers, and longbows too… (Watch the video to understand 1:15:20)
HRE MAA (with heavy+ bonus upgrade just smashes Keshik too.
It is hard countered by Zhu ge nu’s… (13:54 the video mark)
Ghazi Raiders and Sipahi do well against it too…
It is just a horrible unit…
The recent tourney just proves that this Keshik is just a gold waster…!

I only comment on the situation at 13:54 in this video. Such a rare amount of Keshik, even if the Keshik is replaced by the French Royal Knight, the situation will not change. This video is not enough to prove that Keshik is useless .


No one said it is useless…

For me keshiks are atm a good unit in feudal. Could be good in castle too if they give us the imp upgrade in castle age. But for now I switch to horseman in castle. For me keshiks have too less hp. 175 for a castle unit when feudal knights have 190 seems not that much.

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I don’t know what the difference between “horrible gold waster” and “useless” is, but I can’t imagine it’s much.


Stop trolling!!!
I reported you!
Gold Waster and Useless are completely different words and have different meanings!

Useless means it cannot be used or used against anything etc.
Gold waster means it is wasting gold without doing much or inflicting damage!

Therefore, you are spreading your BIASED opinion as a FACT!!!
And stop trolling under my post!!!

@Adribird90 take action against these @GorbMort @Nanshinner trolls!!!

The Mongols are doing well because of the trade, not because of the Keshik
Also ranked matchmaking is the least played mode, you can watch yesterday’s Beastqt’s stream
Therefore, it doesn’t really matter.
Keshiks need a change and it is a fact.
Most people don’t like Keshik because Khan’s elite guard is being used as a raider.
That is what light and fast units need to do.
They depicted this unit so wrong.

They can improve the unit, but they must balance the civilization

now Zhu Xi’s Legacy is going to have better mongol cavalry than the actual mongols, how on earth will the devoleper make a Mongol empire with bad units and not mounted archers at all wtf.

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And notice that both, the Chinese and it’s variant, Zhu Xi’s Legacy, needs to be given access to the Horse Archer because the Chinese used archers on horseback. No more of the Horse Archer being restricted to the Rus because the Horse Archer should be a regional unit.


I mean we are about to have 5 civs with mounted archer units. If anything Rus could have a renamed horse archer rather than just giving it to other civs.

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Honestly, I think giving the Horse Archer to other civs would be fine to do. For example, the Chinese, Delhi Sultanate, and Ottomans can all be given that unit.


I guess you’re trolling,

at 13:50 the keshik die to fire lancers.

at 1:15:20 , 12 archer counter 1 keshik, sure… 960 ress vs 200

And why are keshik supposed to be better than sipahi and gazhi raider? They are all unique cavalry units and ghazi Raider have a bonus (counter) damage against them…

Keshik are really strong for their price.

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