Remove queue dodging penalty against AI Quickplay!

I tried a quick play against AI, checked all team size, to ensure I find something.
I got a match 2v2 on Nomad, bear in mind the opponents were AIs. My ally resigned as soon as the game started, probably didn’t like the map. I killed all my vills after 3-4 minutes.
Now I get penalty for disconnecting early.

Like, seriously? I was the only human player in the game. This is beyond ridiculous, this is an insult.
Fix this nonsense ASAP!

Why the hell can’t we even have unlimited bans in AI games? Who thought it would be a good idea to match people on Nomad against AIs?

Congrats devs, yet another game mode that nobody will use… meanwhile, you’re telling DM players, Arabia-only players, and Arena-only players, that they need to go to the lobby to play because apparently their settings are not competitive.


I’d play anything honestly, but please don’t punish me if I quit after remaining alone, and not against AIs which is even more ridiculous.

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No one:

Absolutely no one: ‘But what about the AI’s rights and feelings?’