Remove the censorship on the forums


Many have noted a new “feature” in the forums for a few months : vulgar words are censored and replaced by a line of #.

The problem is that it relies on a simple detection of a chain of characters, and even accounts for “mispellings”. The results is a “if that moves, shoot it, ask questions later” policy, censoring words that should not be. An blatant example I noticed is censoring the name of an Age 1 civilisation : the ######## (bronze age anatolian civilisation), whose name is blurred, possibly because one term for female anatomy can be found inside. I need not ellaborate on how annoying this becomes.

This censorship must end.

Most discussions I’ve had on this forum have been intelligent and polite, I’m sure immature or rude users would be laughed out of the room. So why do not you trust users a little bit to keep it civilised, instead of using a bot that acts like overprotective helicopter parents ?


They won’t remove it

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If you have specific words you want to have an exception, feel free to create a support ticket, they will take care of that

Because this place is made to be a safe stop for teens ( 13+ )
Having extensive slurs and vulgar speech here, would not be helpful in the slightest, and just in grease admins / moderators work.
I’m gonna quote the discord :

:hammer: 8. Respect the moderators. Our team is here to provide a safe, helpful environment for everyone. Avoid giving them work for best results!

There can be a reasonible middle ground between complete anarchy, and a filter so broad it censors some civ names. Why not censoring only exact insults instead of words containing a chain of characters that happens to look like one ?

But alright, different people have different sensibilities, so how about making this filter optional ?

I’m gonna quote this one here:


Because people is smarter to just joint words to create a new one. I guess is not perfect

I laugh a lot😂, non english ones arent detected

I would respect moderators a lot more, if they did their job instead of delegating it to automatic filter.

This was never introduced by us, and had been a thing in this forum since the first day of it’s appearance.