REMOVE the chat censorship

Why is this abhorrent “feature” still in the game? Why is it still not optional? Why are you so afraid of players being able to communicate normally? Why do you force this scheisse on your fanbase? Why do you continue to ignore us?

We NEVER asked for this and the few that did could have been satisfied with it being optional. It was NEVER a problem before DE. And now you act like is perfectly normal. It is NOT. The incompetent screwups that thought this was a good idea will get their fair share of karma.

It is the one thing that is destroying the franchise and eroding your once loyal fanbase (perhaps this was the intention all along, if so, at least be honest about it).

Remove this cancerous feature at once.


Imagine thinking Devs will get bad karma for having a filter on the chat… or even thinking they’ll get bad karma for anything related to a video game…

The chat filter is erosion the fan base… Are you reading your own words :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

Imagine a fan base leaving due to a filter… Like devs aren’t perfect, but seriously you arent even close to reality

PS it’s more than likely due to MS that the filter stays. You think aoe2 has a bad filter? go research how bad aoe4’s is and why…


no need to pick and make fun of people who you disagree with. some of it is over exaggeration but we all have our dislikes, not to mention what the censorship do to ingame chat by having multiple seconds of delay at times and it is random, makes it extremely frustrating when their forced feature affects game play.

his concerns are valid and i’d just leave him alone.


They have left, do you see any old familiar faces here? Probably not because my guess is you haven’t been around that long yet. Maybe a handful. And yes I know it is because of M$ BS policy that this censorship is here, and it should be fought tooth and nail. Agreed, AoE4 is the same and a total abomination not worthy of the Age of Empires title.

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I wish Microsoft censored the sidebar chatroom in AoE2 net instead tbh. Now that is a vitriolic cesspool of the lowest of lows.

At least in game you have a report feature (that I’m not sure if it works), so if someone’s getting through the censorship with bigotry it can be reported. Sadly what mostly ends up happening is that random inoffensive stuff gets censored and actual bigotry gets through 11

I think until a ‘fix’ is found, perhaps a toggleable feature could be a good middle ground now?

Why not just configure a set list of words that can’t be used? Nothing fancy, and if people want to take time to give their stuff weird formatting to evade the censor, so be it. It’s a reasonable step I think, so that actually toxic stuff gets filtered, most other things probably don’t, if it needs altering in either direction, that can be done when it becomes needed.


Sure some words that are censored shouldnt be, but reading your post makes me think its not about that but about the fact that you cannot be toxic anymore in game, which is entirely the reason of the chat filter and to which I agree with.


Thing is they don’t alter it. “Non-toxic” words get censored for no reason making it near impossible to chat normally. Also it should be locally set not be routed through some scheisse server making the game laggier. Or made optional, for the silly easily hurt weak folk (this is a game were thousands get slaughtered, and you are offended by a word, the hypocrisy is astounding lol). Preferably removed totally.

I know this is like topic #1000 or so on this subject, but apparently it is still necessary to post since of course FE and MS still do not care one bit. “Quick, let’s release dlc #78 so the fans will forget about the real underlying issues we ignore and never fix.”

This is what the current censor system is doing, with trying to also go through abbreviations and formatting. The problem is, if you just censor basic words, you can just split them with spacebar, and once you start trying to consider that as well you’ll end up with many false positives. However without doing so, the censor system is as much as worthless because it’s so easy to circumvent it.

I don’t think you really understand the point of preventing toxicity and bigotry in chat. And if the last few years have shown anything, it’s not really the ‘snowflakes’ who are the weak easily hurt folk; especially so if we look at the more recent months. :wink:

  • The purpose is obviously to prevent toxicity in the chat. The filter doesn’t distinguish between new players and players from the “once loyal fanbase”.
  • If you are complaining that you cannot be toxic anymore: Are you saying that the majority of the “once loyal fanbase” were/are toxic?

Did you change your mind? In your original post you claimed that the chat filter is the biggest issue of the game and causes players to quit. Now, you are saying that the players forget about the issue and thousands of threads must be created to remember them. If it is such a big deal how come most of the players forget about it? Or do most of them just not care?

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The false positives is what is killing the chat communication. Just because I say for example “hello” and you get ****o on you screen, how would you be able to coordinate the team game? Let’s not forget the multilanguage issue here too, which has been posted many times too. It is about not being able to communicate properly at all which is essential in multiplayer. If you want to screen for everything, fine, make it OPTIONAL. Or simply add a mute button. What is so difficult about this? There are many, many players who want to be able to chat normally, and we are not even considered, why? Because M$ does not care, FE certainly doesn’t, and indeed, a lot of (mostly newbies) think this is acceptable, i.e. being normalized. Why have a chat function in the first place if it doesn’t work at all?

if the last few years have shown anything, it’s not really the ‘snowflakes’ who are the weak easily hurt folk; especially so if we look at the more recent months.

I have no idea what you mean by this, enlighten me.

That’s a lot of words for something we agree on and as I said in my first post, the current system does not work and should be made into a toggleable option until it is fixed. Funny thing - it actually has been improved on, in the past your entire message got censored while now only a few words are.

Who do you consider the ‘silly easily hurt weak folk’ who get offended by a word and thus are hypocritical?