Remove the Chat Filter

The chat filter serves no purpose, has no usefulness. It’s a complete nuissance, which in ocasions could potentially ruin team games, or leave an opponent wondering if you were trying to insult him. I can only wonder what’s the philosophy of game design behind this.

I really don’t think I need further explanation here. This thing is universally hated, and this applies to all the Definitive games in the franchise as well (AoE2 players have problems with this too, I don’t know about AoE1 and AoE3). It should be removed from the game, because it’s clear they have no interest in adjusting it, or adding an option for the players to disable it. The people behind this thought it was such a good and brilliant idea that it had to be mandatory, imposed as a game “feature”. But it negatively affects gameplay, so it does not belong here.


I was actually writing someones ingame NICKNAME and the chat was censored because he was named kush (if I remember correctly).
Then I tried to write K U S H and it still got consored.
I had no idea how I should mention the player (one of my 3 teammates) in the chat LOL


I do agree that it should be an option under settings for all the games, but maybe not remove entirely.

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(This sentence is to let my artistic statement on game filters through the forum filter.)


Probably they also want to make it kids friendly, when they should instead use parental controls for that. Not everybody should be forced to have a chat filter, I totally agree.


You still can’t turn off the chat filter in other Age games?

That’s…really, really, really stupid. Please don’t continue down this terrible path for AOE4, devs!


I agree, the chat filter sometimes censors a lot of normal word in non-english languages, there should at least be a way to turn it off.


Has anyone ever seen a censored message and felt like “ah I feel much better now, i feel not attacked”?

I think most people can imagine that
xXPlayerXx: “hey green, you’re a *****”
Is something offensive towards the green player. Does this improve the players feeling? I don’t think so.

Maybe it’s just something for legality that they cannot be held accountable for racism and stuff as they have a word filter.

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Sorry none Americans don’t exist.
Everyone has a qwerty keyboard and everyone always only writes in English in the chat so that is no issue.
Also we can encode everything in ASCII, no need for more than 26 letters.

agreed the chat filter become really annoying especially in team games when i want to ask my ally to build something or do something it’s sometime censor even though it has no naughty word in it, they should give us an optional to disable it and they could hard censor racial slurs such as the n-word if they wish to not see anyone using it.

i’m really getting sick of these chat filter in videogame were we don’t have option to disable it, it make people want to communicate less and less because of this awful chat filter.

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And a space please, I suppose I could deal with Roman numerals, but I want each word to be separated :grin:

+1 on parental control and not needless censoring. I don’t know the difference between soft profanity and outright chat abuse right now. One’s the coloquial communication of many adult gamers and the other one should be a reportable offense Microsoft or Relic should deal with.

This seems like a lazy attempt at avoiding “toxic” players.

Implement mute, optional filter and name filter on creation.

It’s only there for PR reasons. Please let us opt out!


What would the PR reason be? I mean-- where would a parent even find this information that you cannot swear or say anything resembling a swear.


gardening nice person

Insert first time meme

(nice dock)


No I mean they don’t want their players to be saying racist/innapropiate/rude things in chat and then news stories being made by gaming journalists of toxic players etc. It’s more from that perspective in a PR sense. Not to attract people who want a chat filter. It’s to cover their ■■■ in 2021.

I’m kinda failing to see where this lands on them specifically. What would the repercussions be? league of legends, arguably the most toxic game around-- what has happened to them? They are still going strong imo.

AOE is a franchise with more prestige.

It is? How so? I suppose you could argue it is a classic-- It’s a game that had 15 years between titles. What gives it “Prestige” over, say, starcraft? I would argue that starcraft has a bit more prestige. But if we’re talking purely about game franchises in general- I could probably drop several other games with more respect and achievements.