Removing age of empires 3 UI

Hello can anyone help for this ?
i wanna remove game UI there is any mod or command or anything else for it ?
i wanna make video with age 3 so thats why i wanna do that.

like no UI command?
not sure actually

whats that ? i just want to remove all game UI thats it

which is what a no ui command would do
i’ll take a look, maybe its in cheats
edit: nothing in cheats

there is a way tho, will be bit annoying to enable and disable (you’d have to save a game first then run the mod on playback), its possible to hide the UI in file itself, with a mod

What kind fo video are you trying to make ?

some video for youtube so need to first hide UI

is it work in multiplayer ?
or observe mode ?
and which mode ?
and how can i do that ?

i could make a mod to hide all of UI regardless of mod
but good luck playing then, then you literally wouldn’t have anything to work with, as i can’t just add a toggle to use ingame

if its work in multiplayer or observe mode its be good

when ever i want play i just turn that mod off :slight_smile:

ok, firstly, what UI layout do you use
so you don’t have to switch presets, unless you deliberately want one preset to not display UI at all, which is also doable
my guess is you’re using either default or classic

this is my game UI after removing everything i just want to remove all of left so i can make a smooth video

so its default, basically all mod does is set all panels to hidden, might have it working in about 20 minutes
i’ll post a screenshot after that so you can see the result

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thanks you so much <3

i’ll send a direct message with the pic tho, assuming i’m allowed to
also it will hide observer UI as well

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