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Good evening, dear developers! I have a suggestion for you: let’s abandon all this tolerance and rename back the names of the first two eras, some buildings, such as the plantation… I understand everything, but in my opinion there is no point in redoing the story. You will not change anything by hiding the facts - everyone knows perfectly well that black people were slaves in America, we all know that the native population of America was almost destroyed, that colonies were created in America, we also know. But the story can not be changed, and there is no point in hiding the facts in the game.


There are some silly changes I agree, like changing age 2 from colonial to commerce or renaming plantation to estate, there’s nothing wrong with plantation they still exist today.


I agree on changes of Lakota and Haudenousawnee. Changing colonial era name it’s okey because not all the civs represented were colonizers, and the age represents a historical stage that you develop with your settlement, not a broad context. But commerce age name I think is not the best solution.

From a progressive POV hiding slavery is neither “social justice” nor historical accurate.

But nevermind, the changes are done, let’s play the game.


I remember seeing a comment from a member of the developers team saying that if the game mentions issues like slavery, a potential change on the currently T rating of the game could occur.

I could not find the post, unfortunately. So I cannot provide the link. :slightly_frowning_face:

If they rename Estates back to plantations that will be enough for me.

Colonial Age: It’s not like Native and Asian Civs had a ‘Colonial Age’.

Lakota were Lakota in the original game they were Sioux in Warchiefs…That confused me.

Haudenousawnee is much harder to say and pronounce than Iroquios which is easier to pronounce…
But the Germans and Japanese are still the Germans and Japanese. But they are NOT what they call themselves. I don’t even know where the word ‘Japan’ comes from.

But renaming Plantations to Estates is just stupid…Estates are where rich people (who may have owned slaves) lived. Plantations are where you grow cash crops and native americans didn’t have ‘estates’ but they did have plantations.


I agree. I plantations renamed to estates is just silly. But I do see the point of exploration and colonial ages, since not all civs had a “discovery” or “colonial” age, especially the native and Asian civs. It’s more appropriate since the scope of the game is now moving away from the original “Age of Exploration/Colonization” theme to a broader “1500s to 1800s civilizations fighting each other” theme.


They close topics related to stuff like that so unless you commented on that topic you can’t find it again, anyway I think this is the topic you’re referring to. Devs Accused of Racism on Steam Forums

The link doesn’t work so don’t even bother clicking it.

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I dont agree with changing the iroqouis of those civs. Every language has its own name for a nation and Iroqouis is just simply the English name for the people and nation. Seeing the game is in English I really dont see why this was changed.

They say because others gave them that name… but thats literaly how language works. Thats why the Netherlands isnt Nederland in English and France not Français.


What would you name Germans and Japanese then? Keep in mind the game is in English, so no own language names.

Also in AoE II you have dark age when this was almost completly exclusive to (Western) Europe, yet the devs never changed that. You also have Imperial Age when natives never really had them or castles.

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It’s not like natives had fortress or industrial or imperial age eithre, pls rename them


It’s okey to have exonyms for the civs: Germany and not Deutschland. The problem is that there’re sources that points that Sioux and Haudenosaunee are originated on insults, although they are disputed. That’s the explanation, and I understand that Haudenosaunee is hard to remember and pronounce.

That’s a fair point. I really don’t care about the decision, but I would just want to be coherent

I was just pointing out the double standard there: Haudenosaunee/Iroquios being renamed…and Germany and Japan not being renamed. Germany comes from the name of some Roman guy. And Japan originates from poorly translated chinese slang. Not at all related to what they call themselves, it’s not even a transliteration.

And plantations should be plantations not ‘estates’.


It is difficult for them to decide to change it, but if you want, there are some mods compatible with multiplayer, which restore all the names and dialogues as they were in the old edition.

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Actually they wete natives with imperial ages: aztec and inca. Also, denpending on your definition of fortress, incas and wari had those too

Watching people arguing on the text is interesting. Do this word change the game a lot? Let’s pay more attention to game play, bug fixing and balancing.

Does Dumbledore being gay change the books or movies? No, is it qualified for discussion? Yes.

When DE released they made a big deal about how they “changed” the natives and how many “new” mechanics there would be when all we got were name changes, a fire pit reskin and a useless mining building that actually nerfs the natives.

The name changes change the context of the game and in some cases act like things werent history when they very well were. And being advertised as a big deal it should be discusssd if it was worth it.

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Imperial age doesnt refer to the fact of nations being empires when looking at the games time period and it being the last age, considering that it refers to when the industrial revolution really began to take shape that the need for new resources became higher and therefor they began looking for new territories to colonize to use for the industrial machine.

Pretty sure they kept the imperial age since it is an age of empires game, and it has absolutely nothing to do with any historical accuracy.

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How you justify the Industrial Age for the Natives…?

The Age name is not about the age for the Civ itself, it’s the timespam of the world. It’s the Native civ in the Colonial Age. The Native civs existed and were active in the Colonial Age.

Most Native Civs did not existed anymore in the Industrial Age.

Commerce Age gives zero idea of what timespam the game is talking about while Colonial Age is literally the theme of Age of Empires 3.


In my personal opinion, I think they should go back to using the names of the Sioux and Iroquois nations, and leave that matter of tolerance and historical accuracy or put it as an option for those who are comfortable with such changes in the game.

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