Renaming the Slavs to Rus'

If they only pick one it will be a ■■■■ storm, but how can they make two different civs in that region?

Croatians from Tomislav had UU light cav & ship.


Nope, in fact kingdom of Poland was named after tribe of Polans who united all of the Polish lands, not othervise.


Serbs - heavy infantry with mace + unique Serbian musketeer with Fitiljača

So both civs would be unique :heart:


I am for renaming slavs to RUS.

In Greek history the first Slavs that came in contact with the empire of Constantinople were the RUS, they besieged constantinople by land and sea.

After being defeated by the empire they accepted orhodoxy and became a friendly force.


Comrades, as you think. Will the developers go on renaming the Slavs to Russia or is all this talk about nothing? Maybe someone has connections with the developers to find out how they think.


Renaming Indians and Turks is priority too like Slavs.

In priority from the wishes of the community? But what can the developers say about this?

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Won’t be renamed Russia - only Rus’ - even with the apostrophe for the hard symbol in Cyrillic.


Νο, Middle Irish is, because that’s what all the Celts spoke during this time.

You totally ignored the context…

I was talking about Boyars and Orthodoxy.

And imo it makes total sense to put all those Slavs togheter when they have the eastern European culture.

That’s what I said to rename it to Rus’, not Russia. That’s right. At this point, we will all be grateful.

P.S. After all, if we already have Rus ’ in AOE4, why not rename it here as well. After all, we mean the history of one forming state.


Tbh yes, but at the same time Lechites would be a better choice since it includes civs that will never be added because they are minor.

Poles arent any more of an umbrella (that is what MUTYLATOR was saying) than Franks, who really arent an umbrella at all. And Franks at least cannot be put otgheter with a wider group of minor civs and are more important for a longer time.

Poles are more recognisable than Lechites for a civ name.


I know. But if we go with recognizability Polish is more recognizable than Poles

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And this is something I will never understand unless someone has knowledge what is the difference between Poles and Polish. IIRC In original campaign Ensemble Studios never use term “Poles”. While in campaign made by Forgotten Empires they never use term “Polish”.


Putting this here in case the Devs missed it in a previous thread:

Not just the civ name. 5 AI player names currently with Slavs will have to be replaced:

To Poles:

  • Bolesław the Brave: Duke of Poland from 992 to 1025, and the first King of Poland in 1025. As Boleslav IV, he was also Duke of Bohemia between 1002 and 1003.
  • Casimir II the Great: Possibly refers to Casimir II the Just (1138–1194), Duke of Cracow and senior prince of Poland, or Casimir III the Great reigned as the King of Poland from 1333 to 1370.

To Bohemians:

  • Ottokar I: Duke of Bohemia periodically beginning in 1192, then acquired the title King of Bohemia, first in 1198 from Philip of Swabia, later in 1203 from Otto IV of Brunswick and in 1212 from Frederick. He was a member of the Přemyslid dynasty.
  • Wenceslaus I: Saint Wenceslaus I, Duke of Bohemia (907–935 or 929), and subject of a Christmas carol.
  • Wenceslaus the One-Eyed: King of Bohemia from 1230 to 1253.

Just checked this as well:

The faction is Poland in Barbarossa, Polish in Genghis Khan & Poles in Ivaylo…


Fun fact is that u play as Slavs in the Wlachian/Walachian kingdom campaign of Vlad Dracula. And Walachian, Moldavian and Transilvanian Kingdoms were made of romanians civ not slavs civ =))))))
So we have walachian/romanian campaign but no walachian/romanian civ, we play as slavs ( slavs being just a migration wave that just passed through Wallachia ) - u may call it blasphemy =))))


At this point they gotta rename some civilizations and make unique castles because of the dlcs. What a weird situation they’ve put themselves in.


Tbh this naming thing has been a thing for a whike already . Like how Malay are called “Malay” but are just based on the Javanese empire of Majapahit.

Or how in-game Mayans have their military based on Tarascans from what I remember.

The thing is, they havent added Tarascans or Javanese yet

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