Renaming the Slavs to Rus'

I understand that this topic has already been raised, but the Slavs should be renamed Rus. It will be logical and correct. Firstly, there were no Slavs as a nation, and secondly, if there is Poland, Bohemia, then the meaning of the name of the Slavs is generally lost. And we all know that in the game the Slavs represent Rus. The family Coat of Arms of Rurik, the unique unit Boyar, Orthodoxy. And most of the players are in favor of renaming, or some illogical nation that has nothing in history. In addition, the Slavs represent Russian principalities and cities in the companies.


This game is not about nations.


Okay, civilization. But you still need to rename it, because things should be called by their proper names, and not come up with something in common. The Slavs in the game represent the Russians and should be renamed.


Once it wasn’t. Currently yes.


Its kingdoms now nations are a modern concept.



Poles civ and bohemians civ represent very important European kingdoms. By the way, they are also umbrellas for the nations that inhabited them.


No need to change anything . If you want them to be Rus then u can call them rus urself thats so ez like that

The thing is, the civ literally represent the Rus more than any Slavic nation, their symbol, their wonder, their accent in the game and their UTs and UU.


The UU and castle age UT is applicable to most Eastern Slavs.

And lets be real: the language, the symbol and wonder could have been chnaged for DE for it to represent a wider ammount of states, but the devs decided to not do that probably because of $

Making them an umbrella would be calling Poles as Lechites for example. As it is, its just named after a kingdom.

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Celts speak irish and the wonder is also an irish building as per wiki so should we change them to irish and add scottish as a civi?

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The Middle Irish which Celts speak in AOE2, was the language spoken in Scotland and Ireland during the middle ages. It’s the ancestor of modern Irish and Scottish Gaelic.

isnt Gaelic the most correct language for them then?

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from the perspective of time


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Eastern Slavs = Rus

Rus = Ukrainians, Belarusians, Rusyns and Russians

In medieval times Kievan Ruthenia has particulate on many duchies eg. Novgorod Republic, Grand Duchy of Moskov and Polotsk.


That’s for sure. There were many principalities, as well as individual cities. And everyone called us Russians and knew that this was Rus in general. Even if there were many nationalities, as in the USSR, we were always Russians:)


Im also including the Southern Slavs when I mentioned Eastern Slavs

South Slavs are a separate group of Slavs :wink:
They are completely different from the Eastern Slavs - culturally and historically.


Plus Bulgarians are their own civ - different from the ones in Western Balkans/formerly known as Yugoslavia.


Serbs and Croatians civs