Render Tool Not working at all Getting an error message need help

Error Message is “Editor graphics device is unable to find the desired graphics adapter”

Would appreciate any help

what are your specs
the renderer won’t work with integrated graphics

When you say integrated graphics what does that mean?

And which specs would be most helpful?

Alls i can find is the really long list

Edit: Okay so i do have the integrated graphics, but is there a way to disable one of the drivers specifically the Intel UHD graphics to make it work or am i just outve luck?

you must have a dedicated gpu for the renderer to work, for some reason, so the gpu spec is what i’d like to know, and if the monitor is plugged into the gpu or the motherboard

I have several PC’s

  • a intel nuc 10th gen 6-core (integrated gpu:iris) the content editor work slow (but it works :slight_smile:
  • a Lenovo Legion i5 9th gen with a dedicated 1650 graphic cards but the content editor does not seems to run smooth at all ?

KG1999 advise or hint, any reason why?

On a dual GPU system (iGPU + eGPU) make sure the eGPU is used indeed.
You must setup this in the Windows’ energy/power options as well as in your GPU driver settings.
Case you don’t know where, use Google for more help.

first case makes sense it works,
second one i assume is due to how that 1650 handles the output, translation, the laptop has to run the output of dedicated gpu (the 1650) through the integrated gpu because it lacks a specific bit of circuitry that would switch between the 2, only 3000$ or above laptops have that circuitry in them, in fact, thats exactly the issue i have on my laptop

A common problem is also, certain laptops use special manufacturer drivers instead standard ones. Just laptops from Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc. are known for proprietary methods. Happens often that they have special utilities to switch between integrated and dedicated GPU.
Often it helps to go to the manufacturer support site and search eg. for “force dedicated GPU”.
For a quick test you could also disable the integrated GPU in the BIOS setup (testwise).