Replace Wood Wall

Maybe it could be helpfully, when the player could replace pallisade walls on the spott with stone walls. same with Gates.

That is how I mean it: Click on Build Stone Wall in the Military and try build on the “is builded” Pallisade Wall > Left Click > the Pallisade Wall is replaced by the foundation of the Stone Wall like every other Building. Villagers still have to build up this buildings.
For more comfortable use it could be available using the Shift Button to let the game automaticly replace the whole Wall side.

I hope my english was enough to painting an image of my idea.


I’m sorry but your idea wouldn’t be used because why would I replace my wall if I could just build the new one behind the old one to get a double-layered wall?

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That is a good point. However, does not it be outdated if the enemie using rams with [Siege Engineers]?

My other point would esthetics. xD

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If you think the enemy is going to use rams you can leave 1 row of space (or 2 if he is Ethiopian) between each wall, this way the blast damage of the ram will only touch 1 wall at a time. As of esthetics, what is efficient in this game is rarely the best option (for instance walls out of buildings are super ugly but can save you, unlike a city with streets that just show enemy raiders the right way lol)

Palisade walls need to be made higher to match the height of palisade gates.

I never spend resources on palisade walls – as it seems like a waste of resources early on because they don’t provide much defense. But when I do, I always want to get rid of them and replace with stone walls for aesthetic reasons, as noted above; and because they’re weak. I don’t like the look of them beyond the Dark Age.

Once stone walls can be made, palisade walls look archaic. Their aesthetic gets locked in the Dark Age while buildings around them evolve through the ages.

That said, I wouldn’t want their look to auto-update through the ages like other buildings, but maybe if you could select a palisade section, shift-select a row of palisades, and/or double-click to select all in a set radius or along a line, then click an “Upgrade to Stone Wall” button, that might be cool?

  • In which case, you would see the wall evolve over a minute or two to a stone wall, or
  • They’d have a progress meter bar over them that once done, it suddenly transitions them to stone? Or,
  • Maybe assign villagers to the palisade wall and somehow be able to tell them to construct stone walls over the palisades?

I don’t see this doable since palissades and walls are two different “evolution line” (just like you can’t upgrade say your scout to knights). And if you really want to build walls over your palissades I guess you could delete everything and use the ruins as a guideline.

I think this could be great addition to the game, in the way @MedievalDukemon has explained.

Here is an issue if devs implement this that should be taken into consideration. Currently if a part or a wall (palisade or stone) is replaced by a gate foundation, this would be a hole in the wall till the villager has hit his first hammer in the foundation.

It’s normal that it becomes a hole, foundations are good at stopping raids as soon as the first hammer hit is done (and many people don’t agree with that) , so allowing to build a gate ( or upgrade your dark age defense to stone wall like in the thread) without this risk would be too much. And then again, there is work around: not laying the foundation until the villagers are in place or building another wall instead of deleting the older one.

OPs implementation on this has the same risk as if you build your stone wall behind palisade wall, thats why I see this like a QoL improvement and not a gameplay changer.

It’s not like that, since completed walls being able to stop enemies is completely fine, it’s what they are for after all

Hideout has by default a palisade wall around each player area as well on Arena Map. Only without the stone wall.