Replacing Mining with fur trading

  1. I don’t quite understand the content of “Native American”, it means Natives in the US or entire American continent?
    Does the replace only work on Iroquois and Sioux, or all American civilizations?
  2. What will it be?

native american is a pan american term, usually US native prefer the term “american indian”.

anyways, in this case it is for sioux and Iroquois since they didn’t dig for gold/silver. the aztec and inca did so they still have mining.

how exactly the system works? no idea, maybe we have giant staches of dead animals to farm? maybe it is something like japanese where they bring in wagons for that use?


Only Sioux and Irouois will have the Fur Trade mechanic, because Aztecs and Incas mined Gold.

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It is something different for a change. I think it’s keeping with what was traded back then.

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Maybe in the game you could trade Fur for gold or Fur for Wood.

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Thanks for your detailed explanation!

This would make sense.

What info are you referring to? I haven’t heard of the fur trade implemention.

it was in the developer interview.

i dont know how the system works.


I’m thinking about a different type of villager, just like those from the tupis from WoL, perhaps this fur trader could gather from hunts/dead hunts while the normal villager gather food.
Perhaps animals shoud have a minimal amount of gold resource to be gathered, in comparison to gold mines.